We don’t normally write about Kaspersky free promo codes as they hardly ever work, but this one seems to be working fine enough to post here. Having said that, we are not sure for how long this will work, so grab it while it lasts.

This promo code is for Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, a hugely popular and much recommended security software, courtesy Kaspersky Latin-America group. Through this promotion they are offering a one-year free activation key-code for KIS 2011.


Get Free KIS 2011 Key

1. Go to this promotional offer page which is in Spanish.

2. Fill up the form as required. For your benefit, find the translated form.


3. Enter c35e00be266f in promotional-code field.

4. You must get an email with the details of your activation key as well as download links.

The promo code is not expected to last longer. So make it fast!

Update: Looks like you need to be using an IP address of one of the Latin American countries. Better still, use a US based vpn (Free vpn services)



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  • Mike

    Did this work for anybody? I got the next page where it said I’d receive an email, but I never received it.

  • Nathan


  • http://www.CravingTech.com Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com

    Great find! I tried using a temporary mailbox but nothing came through though. I guess they probably block temporary email services/email addresses such as mailinator.com :(

  • paulcrousel

    thanks for this article to grab for Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

  • Naruto

    I think this promotion ended.

    Don’t waste your time :)

  • Alex Wagner

    I think if you IP was anywhere but Southern Hemisphere, you lose.

  • clay

    seems to still be working. i just got one and i’m in the USA. but i didnt use a temporary email

  • prasanna

    thank u so much karthik

    • Karthik Bose

      you are welcome. it seems like having a US vpn is enough to get the free license