It’s back! The (in)famous Celebrity Doppelganger week on Facebook is back. Prepare yourself to replace your Facebook profile picture with that of your celebrity look-alike. Started in 2010 by Bob Patel, “Facebook Doppelganger week” runs on the first week of February, every year, and has already known to be amongst the most popular internet meme of all time.


Last year, I had told you how to find your celebrity look-alike using a web service called MyHeritage (which still works and is still cool). But if you are an iPhone user, there is an easier way to find your celebrity doppelganger – Twin2Me app!


Twin2Me is an iPhone app to find your celebrity twin and is definitely an helpful tool to have if you are planning to indulge yourself during the Facebook Doppelganger week 2011. It looks very similar to MyHeritage, but the option to take the picture directly from your phone and/or from your phone’s photo library, makes it much simpler to use.

Basically, it compares the shape of your face with thousands of celebrity pictures, and gives back the top 5 matches along with the percentages indicating the rate of similarity. Do not expect the app to be accurate always, since it is still experimental and doesn’t factor in your color and race while matching.

My testing of Twin2Me had mixed reviews. At times it was near perfect while sometimes it was plain stupid. But then, it is just a fun app, so be ready to try it out multiple times to get the most accurate result. The app had some silly bugs but not bad enough not to recommend it.


Just a word of caution before you try the app – you would be uploading your picture to the servers of Twin2Me who might use it for their promotional stuff. If you are way too paranoid about your privacy, stay away from this app. If you don’t mind, $0.99 for this fun app is more than worth.

Exclusively for the readers of TechPP, the developer is willing to share some free promo codes for Twin2Me app (at-least 50 of them). Now that the promo codes are redeemable from any iTunes app store, anyone willing to download this app for free can leave a comment below and the developer will send a promo code at your email address!

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12 thoughts on “Facebook Doppelganger Week 2011 – Find Your Celebrity Twin with Twin2Me app [Invites]

  1. Thanks Raju for the review :-)! BTW, the reason we have that legal clause in there is because we have this live stream widget that flashes by recent matches on our main site: But it’s only for a few seconds, it’s mostly there to show people it works.

    Anyway, as soon Raju get’s me the emails I’m going to start gifting the app to users that have so far commented!

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