It has been more than 15 days since we hit the New Year and are no doubt advancing as long as technology is concerned. But let’s get a little nostalgic and go down memory lane; by refreshing some of the best downloads that were available for free online or otherwise, during the year 2010. Reviewed as the best free downloads of 2010, there were quite a few of them listed, however the ones that could stand out as the Top 5 Free Downloads of 2010 will be mentioned here. It must be noted that the following list is randomly sketched out and do not pursue any ranking order.


Top 5 Free Downloads of 2010

1. avast! Free Antivirus


There are several free antivirus software solutions available online and also ones that are available for a cost. But the one that has time and again catered to all the antivirus needs of a PC and made sure users dint have to crib about installing it has been avast!. It is available online for no cost and it does not involve any charge what so ever; it also takes care of the updates on a regular basis, again with no charge. I have used this wonderful tool for about 6 months before I could switch to a ‘big boy’ antivirus and let me tell you that the former did not leave me in a soup for once.

2. Soluto


There could have been numerous times when people get irritated with the amount of time Windows takes to boot and log into the computer system. One of the best free download of 2010 is the Soluto which will do away your frustration with Windows slow loading. It is currently available for free but as a beta version, hence its features are, for now, limited. Its functioning seems something like this (Quote taken from PC World’s Review) – “Soluto runs in the background and watches what programs and services load when you log in. It then analyzes how long each of them takes, and categorizes them according to whether they are required for Windows, potentially removable from Windows boot, or are instead a No-brainer that can easily be removed from boot. It then shows you details about each application and service, by category of whether they can be removed. This lets you determine whether you want to allow the program to remain in the Windows boot, whether you want to Pause it. In that way, you’ll boot more quickly, but the program will still be available after several minutes“.

3. 3D Desktop


Yet again another online free download that lets you enjoy viewing images in 3 dimensions. For those who enjoy digital art and love visualizing colorful images in 3D, this tool is seen as a fantastic find. The 3D Desktop theme-pack contains a whopping set of 63 wallpapers that range from colorful abstract images to glorious natural landscapes. A good bargain for no charge at all.

4. Freemake Video Downloader


There could be some applications that enable downloading videos online and viewing them later offline. But the Freemake Video Downloader is an app that not only helps users download videos from any web source, but also facilitates the conversion of the downloaded video to any format for offline viewing. Another good buy for no fee that 2010 had to offer.

5. Kodak EasyShare Software


Not very surprising with the name, this one is quite obviously got something to do with photo sharing. What it does is more interesting to know. It provides consumer-level tools for organizing, sorting, editing, and using your photos in a variety of ways. Having made and supplied by Kodak, it can be downloaded by any user online. But the catch is that you can use the tool only with Kodak cameras and printers.

That about rounds up the Top 5 Free Downloads of the year 2010, with the hope that 2011 brings out better and novel products & services for You & Me.

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