Did you know that IPAD was originally designed and conceived by Intel, that too almost a decade back? It even had a touch-screen display and was powered by an ARM processor! It featured a built-in MP3 player and even let users surf the Internet on their couch!

It was branded as Intel PAD or IPAD, as it was internally known. It was officially branded the Intel Web Tablet, but it never made it to market. The Intel Web Tablet let users connect to their PC and surf the Web from anywhere in the home using Intel’s Anypoint wireless home networking solution. It was not a stand-alone PC but an extended browsing device with some additional applications.

Though the name of the web tablet being “IPAD” is a catchy news now, it is also interesting to note that Intel was actually using an ARM processor – Intel StrongARM 1110! Those who wish to know the history behind Intel & ARM collaboration can check this wiki article.

Coming back to the original IPAD, it was priced at $500 and Circuit City was the exclusive retailer. But then Intel retracted and the axe came down without a single IPAD being sold. It’s true that they had the right idea, much before Apple came with the iPad, but didn’t execute it well enough. Check out the video to get a better idea

Do check out Intel’s blog post which details the whole idea and experience about the original IPAD which never saw the light!

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