In addition to the announcement of PSP2, Sony also introduced the “Playstation Suite“, a new cross-device game platform, which will bring the Playstation 1 games to Android phones and tablets. We have been hearing the rumors of Playstation phone (which is now called SE Xperia Play), so this announcement almost proves the existence of PSP phone.

Sony said that Playstation Suite will be launched by year-end along with PSP2 for Android and the users will be able to buy the game titles through the integrated Playstation Store. This is a great news for Android (and Google), as they now have a serious gaming platform to counter Apple.


You are required to be running Android 2.3 at-least for Playstation suite to work. As mentioned before, the game titles available for now are ported from Playstation One. Some popular ones like Wild Arms , Cool Boarders and Syphon Filter were demoed at the press meet today. It is pretty much clear that Playstation Suite will make use of touchscreen controls, but we need to wait and see how the Playstation branded phone, Xperia Play pans out to be. For that we need to wait for MWC 2011.


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