I’m almost an year late, but I’m sure enough of you haven’t tried Google Search Stories yet. Google surprised everyone by releasing a Super Bowl ad last year titled “Parisian Love“. The ad got really popular and started a viral meme of sorts, including some parodies. Google was quick enough to sense the opportunity and they released a nice Youtube video creator tool called Google Search Stories! If you haven’t tried it yet, you are surely missing some fun.


It’s a simple, self-explanatory tool where-in you can enter up to seven queries (including Images, Maps, and standard web search) and choose a musical track, and the video creator will produce an animated spot in a jiffy. You can then upload the video on to your Youtube account and share it with your friends and family with ease.

Though I didn’t like Google restricting the number of queries to six (the last one isn’t queried), the variety of options you get to choose the music for your story is amazing. The end quality of the video is awesome and nearly professional. A brief search on Google shows you thousands of videos created by different people as their business ads, social awareness campaigns, travelogues and even romantic proposals!

Unleash your creativity and come out with a cool story. When I started off, I didn’t have a premise for my story, but within minutes, I came out with a test video. Check it out below and make sure you share yours in the comment section below.

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