The improvements in broadband internet, coupled with the explosion of social networking websites has resulted in a big change when it comes to the way we share photos with our peers and family. You might know that, with more than 600 million registered users, Facebook has become one of the most valued properties on the web. What you might not know is that more than 60 billion photos were shared on Facebook in 2010 and the estimate for summer 2011 is a whopping 100 billion!

The closest competitors – Photobucket (at 8 billion), Picasa (at 7 billion) and Flickr (at 5 billion) come not even close to Facebook. All these stats are based on the study by Pixable who took a sample data of 100,000 Pixable Photofeed users. You can question the accuracy, but not the trend.

The study also shares some interesting facts-

  • New year’s eve weekend is the most popular time for sharing photos on Facebook. More than 750 million photos were posted then.
  • Photo uploads peak on weekends and it’s lowest on Wednesdays.
  • Women do twice as much photo sharing as men

Check out the infographic below for more such interesting facts


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