You might not have realized this. If you have been around on Facebook for a while now, and have most of your friends connected there, your Facebook profile can actually turn into a nice printed book. Even I hadn’t realized this until I came across EgoBook.

EgoBook is a cool little Facebook app which allows you to create a physical copy of your interactions from your Facebook wall. This personalized book is created from status updates, published pictures,wall messages and the comments from a Facebook profile.


Created by Nicolas Cazelais, EgoBook definitely appeals to most of the Facebook addicts. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t one, but it can be a great gift idea if you know someone who is a Facebook addict. It can give a whole new meaning for the concept of a coffee table book!


The EgoBook also allows you to includes a photo mosaic of all of the your Facebook friend avatars and a top 20 list of the frequent commenters on your wall. It can be an emotional personalized gift for the loved one, as it even shows your and your friends’ profile pictures changing over time.

The EgoBook comes in either English or French, based on your language setting, and measures 6.63 by 10.25 inches (or 17 by 26 cm). The pricing starts from $22.45 but varies depending upon the number of pages your EgoBook has. The cover page will carry the current profile picture of the user and at the end, it will have the photo mosaic of all the friends (remember FriendSnaps?)

You would need to provide access for the app, so be aware of it. But they only take the info they need to print in the book and will store the data in their servers for 48 hours and then delete them completely. This video should give you some idea about how EgoBook works.

Create your own EgoBook now!

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