Do you realize if it weren’t for Edison we’d be watching TV by candlelight?  ~ Al Boliska

We are already used to the idea that a product, especially if we’re talking about software/hardware ones, will always improve, update and evolve. This is the core of modern economy and it is deeply in-wrought in our consumer’s mind. But, there are pieces of technology that we use without having to pay for. There are the open-source and freeware products like Firefox, which makes money out of our use, but we don’t pay directly for it.


As of October 2010, this browser has become the second most popular with 30% of worldwide usage. We love it because it is nice, secure and always promising.


Firefox 5 is already starting to take shape in the mind of programming team from Mozilla, even if Firefox 4 is still in beta stage and we will have to wait some time before seeing the final version. Amongst the improvements that we were promised, we have a better support for web applications, restoration of work session and the menu system has been revised.

Firefox 5 – Search Engine


At the interface level we can see that there has been changes in the search bar and a shadow effect has been applied. The content and the organization of menu is at the moment in revision process, but we can see new visual effects and expandable sections where are hidden elements that aren’t used too often.

Firefox 5 – Web apps


Firefox 5 will allow the use of specialized web applications, made for expanding the functionality of a website by adding new options and amenities.  Basically, these applications work by inserting some additional tabs in the interface of the application, where we are being offered extended access to a set of facilities and services that relate to the website that has just been viewed.

Firefox 5 – Add-On Selector


The Add-on Manager section from Firefox 5 – the browsing giant promises to offer more detailed information about this, such as: the installed web applications and the provenance source/description for the offered functionality.  At the moment, all these changes are on the sketch level and simple drawings which makes us think that it will take some time (who knows how much) for us to test the first beta version of Firefox 5.

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