Apple and Steve Jobs have made the “One more thing…” a phrase of their own! Though the great man might not be able to make it, due to his health problems, Tim Cook (or whoever giving the keynote) should be using the “One more thing…” phrase at the iPad 2 event scheduled for March 2 and that one more thing is expected to be a preview of iOS 5.


With the amount of secrecy practiced by Apple, each and every news leaking out must be classified as a rumor and that’s the case with iOS 5 preview as well. Though iPad 2 would be the talking point for most of us, plans and previews for iOS 5 will be as important and interesting. As we have seen in MWC 2011, most of the new tablets (Android & Blackberry) score high on hardware and performance, but goes weak with the operating system. With Android’s Honeycomb, it has become even more important for Apple, to get a notch ahead with their next major iteration – iOS 5.


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