A few months back, we had seen a detailed infographic from Pingdom about the average internet speed across the globe. That data was based upon the information provided by Akamai, the world’s largest CDN provider. Now, Dando vueltas a lo de siempre has come out with a similar infographic based upon the data sourced from Internet World Stats Broadband Penetration, which lists out the average broadband speed and costs of Top 20 nations.

The infographic lets users in these 20 countries know and compare their broadband speed and cost with their peers across the globe. If you’re a US citizen you likely have an average internet access speed of 4.8 mbps and you pay a little over $3 per mbps. If you are in Japan, you are likely to have a whopping net connection of 61mbps costing just about 27 cents per mbps (*evil*)

I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight after going through these figures. Here in India, I pay $31 for 4mbps with a download limit of 20GB 😐

[via] HowtoGeek


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  • HacK_MiNDeD

    For the Fact,
    We guys in Qatar pay $54.91 for 1MBPS with no download limits. -___-‘

  • Doug

    The colour coding for Australia seems way to low. I pay $70 per month (1US$ + 1AUS$) for 4mbps, with a limit of 50G.

    That’s US$17.5 per mbps

  • Marian

    Here in Romania I pay $9.5 per month for 50mbps with no download limits ! and $13 per month for 100mbps with no download limits ! now this is really cheap !!!

    • Raju PP


  • nandupatel

    who says its 3.33 in USA.
    $19.99 = 2MBPS
    $46.00 = 8MBPS
    $79.99 = 24MBPS

  • Siva

    @Raju : You should check BSNL 3G Prepaid plan(6months) plan with Rs600($13.5)/month and a unlocked Data card from Ebay.
    Don’t buy data card from BSNL or other service providers. Bcoz
    They make 3.6/7.2 Mbps as max speed. But Real limit of HSPA in 3G is 56Mbps.
    More over , you can choose other service provider if you find difficulty with the current operator.

    • Raju PP

      that plan is now discontinued

  • Ringman

    In Thailand I pay about 20 USD each month for 6 Mbps with unlimited downloads.

    If you wann pay less another choice is 6.5 USD 2Mbps unlimited download with 60 Hours each month.

    This cost based on Government’s Telecommunications company

  • Saqib

    And here in India, we pay 500 Rs per month for 256 Kbps unlimited. We really need a good competitor, so that the prices go lower, and speeds go higher.

  • Anand

    Local cable operators have come in… with fantastic options
    Paying USD 22 for 10 MBPS unlimited.
    Finally we are seeing competition. I am sure India is going to replicate the mobile telephony price structure in broadband soon.
    By end 2012 we should see minimum 10 MBPS for USD 12 and upto 25 MBPS for USD 20.

  • nicu

    in romania is around 15$/month, unlimited download, 100Mb/s. I love it!