In the last few weeks, Google has taken various steps to counter spam in its search result. From modifying its algorithm to bringing up a new extension for Chrome, Google is leaving no stone unturned. Continuing their pursuit further, Google has added yet another feature to its search page.

Keeping in mind that not everyone uses Chrome, the extension feature has now been extended to work with any browser, as it is now a part of search page. Google will now have a link as “Block all from” beneath every search result. Once this link is clicked, a confirmation message shows up, thereby maintaining a list of blocked search results for each user. One can manage this list by clicking ‘Manage Blocked Sites‘ under ‘Settings‘.

According to Google, the sole purpose of this feature is to ensure that we get optimal and customized search results, in turn making the whole searching experience ‘enjoyable’.

Also Google has made it clear that these blocking/customization by users will not be used as a parameter for page ranking for now, but they might consider it as a signal in future. The new feature will be rolling out today and tomorrow in English, and can be used by anyone using Chrome 9+, IE8+ and Firefox 3.5+.

The update is expected to be rolled gradually and will be available gradually to various regions and browsers.

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