Last week, we discussed about the points to be considered before buying an iPad 2. In case you are convinced about iPad being the best choice, you can go ahead and buy order it right away if you are in US. Around 25 countries including UK & Canada will be getting the iPad 2 on March 25th. But if you are in India, you need to be contend with the age old iPad 1 as Apple has no concrete plans to launch the iPad 2 here unless the next gen iPad is round the corner. But there is a reliable work-around for those desperate souls in India.


Buy iPad 2 in India through SYW

ShopYourWorld is a pretty new global online shopping website, with a focus on Indian consumers. They offer users a way to shop from a wide range of branded products from US & UK and deliver them to their door-steps without worrying about the shipping and customs. Now, ShopYourWorld is letting you pre-order iPad 2 right from your home, by using your local or international credit card or debit card or online banking.

Before you go searching for your credit card, you must check these important points-

  • SYW has WiFi only models for now to be pre-ordered. If you are looking for WiFi+3G model of iPad 2, you would need to wait. Update: SYW confirms that the reason for not having 3G model is because Apple is selling iPad 2 locked to AT&T/Verizon in the US.
  • The price mentioned on SYW is inclusive of iPad price + Shipping charges (upto 5 kgs) + custom duties. If you are ordering the iPad alone, it might cover within the 5kg limit. If you are buying some accessories, expect to pay extra for shipping. Update: The 5kg limit is per item!
  • Expected shipping is 6 to 8 weeks, which is like 2 months from the day you pre-order. It seems like they are pre-ordering via Amazon UK. Update: For now they are ordering it directly from Apple US store.
  • My personal experience with SYW has been pretty good. First time I ordered a Gorillapod from which was delivered well on time and the second time I had ordered a Toshiba 3D LED TV and had to cancel the order for some reason, for which they refunded the entire money. But I have seen some people complaining about shipment delays, so be aware of it.
  • Normally, the Apple products comes with International warranty. So i assume that the iPad 2 you buy via SYW will come with official Apple warranty. I will update this space when I get official confirmation.
  • Update: For some reason, Checkout isn’t working on Google Chrome. if that is the case for you too, try again on Firefox. That worked for me!

Getting the iPad 2 through a relative or friend coming back to India from US/UK is still the best option. But even that may not work out at times (iPad 2 is currently sold out all over US). Buying it on eBay has its own risks.

Buy iPad 2 – ShopYourWorld

Will you be buying iPad 2? Do let us know!

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6 thoughts on “Buy iPad 2 in India Through ShopYourWorld

  1. Its nice we can but it from Shopyourworld, But we should wait for the official release, in case of warranty and guaranty purpose, and personally i am waiting for Notion Ink Adam Tablet and Motorolla Xoom

  2. India is talked about on par with China as one of the fastest developing economies, but lets say I wanted to purchase an ipad 2, I’d have to accept all kinds of stupid conditions before getting one! If a product is released after such a long delay, it should come with a reduced price tag, coz one loses the advantage of buying it when its hot! what say…

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