Twitter is growing day by day and along with its growth, new applications appear, like mushrooms, after a rainy day. Some require access to your account, some don’t; some are worth trying others are nothing but waste of time.

We’ve analyzed more than 50 applications and came up with a list of 19 that you should check out, and, why not, even stick to them.

1. TwitPic


One of the most popular Twitter companion applications is Twitpic. It allows its users to share pictures using their Twitter accounts. Anybody with a Twitter account can sign into Twitpic; upload and share photos instantly. A short url is provided for ease of share. Almost all the Twitter apps on various smartphones have the functionality to share pictures via Twitpic.

2. TweetDeck


Tweetdeck is like an organizer for Twitter account holders. It is said to be the most popular Twitter app and also, most used. Twitter users can organize their account by using Tweetdeck. It allows users to post and receive tweets, view profiles, organize friends and followers and thus, helping users organize to their Twitter accounts more efficiently.

3. TwitterFeed


RSS feeds are a great way to share on the internet. With Twitterfeed, you can easily share your RSS feeds with your Twitter followers and friends. Now you can let your friends and followers know about your latest blog. You have to register to use their service though.

4. TwtPoll


Twitter has been a great way to share opinions. Twtpoll makes it even easier by organizing polls for you on Twitter. Use your Twitter account to log into their site and create a poll.

5. TwitPay


If you need to make quick and safe payments, then Twitpay is for you. Once you register your payment method with Twitpay, paying becomes as easy as Tweeting.  Currently, Twitpay helps non-profits to raise funds by allowing them to ask for donations via tweets. Twitter users registered with Twitpay can ‘re-tweet’ to complete the donation. It’s that easy.

6. TwitterCounter


If you have started wondering how many people you have followed, how many people are following you or how many tweets you have posted, then Twittercounter can help you out. Just provide your Twitter account name and they will show you with a graph of what has been going on in your account. Once you have the graphs, you can even share it with your Facebook friends.

7. Twittonary


All the social media has inspired the use of new words. Twitter is no exception. Twittonary provides meanings to these Twitter related words. It’s like a dictionary for Twitter terms.

8. TwitAholic


Twitaholic is a service powered by the statistical data from another Twitter app, Twitcounter. It has a regularly updated list of Twitter users who has the top number of followers. These lists can also be tweeted!

9. TweetStats


Tweetstats provides with the statistics of tweets posted on an account. Provide your username and they will show you a graph of the number of tweets by you. Each day of the week is displayed with a different color for easy viewing.

10. Friend or Follow


Every once in a while people with considerably large number of people in their Twitter accounts may wonder how many people are following them back whom they are following. Friendorfollow gives you a complete summary of the situation. Enter your username to check who is not following you back or whom you are not following back. You can also check the number of mutual friends.

11. TwitterVision


Twittervision is a combination of Google Maps service with Twitter. This allows a sort of geo-tagging of tweets. It shows the location of a tweet on Google Map from where the tweet has been posted.

12. ReTweetist


People often measure popularity by the number of followers while what actually counts is the number of times one gets re-tweeted. Retweetist is a place where you can check how many re-tweets you had. You can also check the latest re-tweets by Twitter users all over the world.

13. TwitURLy


A very easy way to find important urls on Twitter is to look for it in Twiturly. Here one can find the urls that are most tweeted about with the number of active tweets. There are several filters like language filters and content filters. News, pictures and videos are the contents that are featured.

14. TweetScan


Finding something on the internet is simple through the search engines. Finding something on Twitter is similarly easy through Tweetscan. Search with your keyword to see if there is any publicly available tweet related to it. You can also find people with similar interests like yours.

15. TwitterFall


If you want to know what’s cooking on Twitter, then Twitterfall is your friend. Here you can find all the trends and hot topics. You can even find topics that interest you and the tweets on these topics.

16. Monitter


Monitoring Twitter is what Monitter is all about. Monitter allows searching all of Twitter for any keyword. You can have geologically narrowed down results of your search too. The best part is the use of columns with which you can search and compare more than one keyword to see the relevancy in real time.

17. DrawTweet


If you want to share your innovative drawings, then Drawtweet is the perfect tool. With it’s simple user interface, anyone can draw anything and share it with friends on Twitter. You need to download Drawtweet to use it.

18. TweetShare


Do you have a picture or a video you want to have a discussion on? Share it with Tweetshare and start a discussion right away. Know what people have to say about it. Logging in is easy with your Twitter account.

19. Tweetizen


If you are looking to get an organized way to put Twitter on your blog or website, then Tweetizen can certainly be the tool of your choice. Feed it with your target keywords or tags and it will filter all the related tweets. You can create groups to organize these tweets and also invite your friends to join these groups. Quite an easy way of integrating targeted tweets on your site.

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