Internet TV has taken the masses silently. Instead of saying that the masses use this innovation, it will be appropriate to say that masses are addicted to it. With every innovative step there needs to be a trail launch of spicy things. Don’t understand what I mean? Applications, addons, plugins and gadgets. All these spice up any tech advancement. Internet TV is also backed up by some cool applications which tantalize the crowd. And, you know what I am going to tell you about those applications, and especially about social media applications. Let’s dive in !!


Twitter – The glorious Twitter is everywhere. Have you heard of live tweeting. That is what is taking over web TV fans. When you watch a show on your web TV you can simultaneously chat with others and see what others are tweeting about the show, in real time. You can view the real time chats alongside the show. How awesome it is! Not just for the big and popular shows, you can use it for regular shows too. You know how popular is the show you are viewing (in terms of how hot the discussions/tweets are).


FanVibe – If you are a sports fan you need to have it. Real-time scores, highlights, chat about players during a match, what more do you need? But the only drawback comes if you are a not-so sports lover. You simply cannot make use of this app.


Philo – This app is available for the web, iPhone and Android (an app available for iPhone and Android should be rare, isn’t?). You can connect with your friends who are watching the same show as you. You can opt to tune in for a particular program suggested by your friend. You can also suggest shows and invite your friends to watch together. You can do real time chat about the show. This will give you all a feel of watching a show from your living room even if you and your friends are in different countries. The app also has a trending facility so that you can know which shows are popular and favorite among your friends. You can also search for popular shows.


TunerFish – It is a social discovery engine which is in beta stage. Tunerfish is part of a big company; started as a stunk-works project inside Comcast Interactive Media. It basically helps you to share what you are watching so that you can contribute to the trending topics. You can share the shows, discover new shows and you can also earn nifty awards as you progress.


GetGlue – This is kind of a voting system where you can give ‘Likes’ to the shows you think are worthy for a vote. The service of Getglue is not limited to Movies and TV shows; you can also sign in to listen to music and read books.

We all know that internet is a scary place for distractions. And with the advent of Web TV we it might be hard to keep our goals on track. But these applications help us from doing an endless search for interesting programs and shows. We can easily get suggestions from friends and also easily track popular shows. In short, these applications make us systematic even in our leisure.

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