Guest post by Leonhard Widrich.

As Twitter’s userbase continues to grow exponentially one of the byproducts is that the noise increases too. One can easily fall into the trap of contributing to this noise by sending out too many tweets back to back and overwhelming your followers with all these updates at once.

A super simple solution to tweet consistently, yet without flooding your followers with all these updates is Buffer. The app spaces out your tweets and posts them for you at Twitter peak times for the highest impact.

How does Buffer work?

With Buffer all you do is add tweets to your Buffer. The App then posts these tweets for you well spread out over the day. That’s it.

How is Buffer different to other Apps?

You might be reminded of the Tweet Scheduling functions of Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or SocialOomph with Buffer. However the App is quite different:

– You simply add to Buffer, no individual scheduling of tweets

– With browser extensions for Chrome, Safari or Firefox you can add from any page you are reading

– Once your Buffered tweets are sent you get full analytics integrated into the App.

Can I have some screenshots?

1) Adding Tweets:

Here is an example of Raju’s post I put into my Buffer. Simply click on the browser extension and this is what happens:


2) Tracking Tweets:

With Buffer you will receive detailed analytics for every tweet sent. Track Clicks, Retweets and Reach of your tweets via one click on “analytics”:


3) Timing Tweets:

Buffer will, by default send out your tweets at peak twitter times every day. In addition you can always go to your home account and change times to your needs:



Using Buffer makes my life a whole lot easier. It allows me to add all these great blogposts I come across to my Buffer by giving it one click on the Buffer icon. This helps me a lot to have a consistency on Twitter, yet without overwhelming my followers with information.

Using the browser extensions makes the process totally seamless and I can add to my Buffer from any page I am on.

What is your take on Buffer? Do you think it could come in handy for you too? Let me know.

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