Google has always taken pride in coming out with some of the best april fool pranks since 2000. This year though, they had as many as 18 pranks distributed amongst their various web services like Youtube, Google docs, Blogger etc. But the prank which garnered enough eyeballs was Gmail Motion, which was about a new feature that lets you use body gestures to compose and send emails in Gmail.

Immediately after I went through the prank page, I tweeted about how big a fail that particular prank is and how Microsoft can actually make it a reality with Kinect.


Well, Microsoft might not be that quick but folks from the Institute of Creative Technologies have managed to do exactly that. Dubbed as SLOOWSoftware Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving, the technology makes use of Kinect camera to control Gmail. This Kinect hack works amazingly well and the video below illustrates just that.

As he demonstrates, you can actually type text into Gmail by using body gestures, and send an email by “licking” the stamp and slapping it onto an imaginary envelope. In case you had missed seeing the original Gmail motion prank, you can check it out below.


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