Twitter, for many of us, has been one such online platform where users have the freedom to relentlessly post anything that comes to their minds & hearts. Meaning, that there is room for anyone to come online and just say what he or she wants on this platform. This is one thing that makes Twitter stand out against other social networking sites along with other additional features like hashtags, following, news updates, etc. It needs to be also acknowledged that Facebook as a social networking site is completely different from Twitter and both serve different purposes. But, there are certain tools and features that Facebook has that make it stand-out as against what Twitter has.

Here, we shall emphasize on 5 such innovative tools that could help Twitter leverage its existing popularity –

1. Proxlet puts a full stop to unwanted noise – The first tool is one that Facebook already has; one which helps users hide unwanted and annoying posts/ updates. The tool is known as Proxlet which does more than abolishing noise from your Twitter pages. It can not only be used with Twitter (through chrome extension) but also with TweetDeck desktop, Twitter for iPhone and others. With the tool you could keep away from spammy apps, do away with annoying users on a temporary basis, mute all unnecessary hashtags and relax by taking a breather from a whole lotta noise. Of course when you feel like enjoying noise you could disable the tool and go at it and have fun.


2. Nurph enhances relationships via chat – If you feel that the 140-character restriction on Twitter is too little to express yourself to your friend, foe or lover you have the option of dragging the user/ users you want to into a Nurph chat room. Through Nurph a user can share a link with one of his friends/ followers or more and then organize a real-time chat without taking over your followers’ timelines with long conversations. The integration of Nurph with the users’ Twitter profile, Twitter streaming and hovercards makes it completely a Twitter-specific and highly-optimized chat tool. This is an app you don’t want to miss.


3. Sharing is indeed caring with – For all bloggers, this tool comes as a pleasant surprise. for an app is quite smart on a social networking site like Twitter. With the help of this tool, bloggers can share their content across several online platforms and it also helps understand the number of people that have read your blog, thus helping them measure the success of their writing and the social media efforts put in. Hence, as soon as you write on your blog it gets updated and delivered at all the relevant places on the web. This could include the user’s Twitter a/c, Facebook a/c, LinkedIn a/c, Orkut, and any other network that he/ she is on.


4. Twoolr helps make sense of everything on Twitter – The impact or influence that all the new tools installed by users has can easily be measured by this particular tool. Twoolr helps you analyze all of the Twitter efforts put in by the user. With pictorial descriptions of metrics users can view statistics that matter most and also gives them the most essential and interesting visualizations such as usage trends, associated clouds and user comparisons. A simple presentation of statistics that users can access through a dashboard provides data of growth and reports of communities.


5. Triberr will transform a Twitter pro into a Twitter champ –Triberr as a tool helps you, the true Twitter pro, to fabricate a network of fellow bloggers and share your posts & of course inter-change ideas and become a Twitter champ. You can make this network a tight one because of the fact that it is an invite-only application with no more than 7 members per tribe guaranteed, thus making it a high-quality and spam-free network. Wouldn’t that make it a tight network with immense quality control and thereby make you (the user) a champ.

Twitter’s journey to being one of the stalwarts of social networking could have taken few quick years, but to become a stalwart in the holistic online business could take some more time and these tools definitely could have helped Twitter kick-off the ride to being number one.

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