When you have such a beauty as iPhone 4, you’re going to start “looking after it”, as if it is your dog or a member of your family. You buy cases, earbuds, protection and many other things. A stand can be used when the iPhone is recharging or when you want to watch a video or just leave it on the table.

We’ve come up with a collection of 12 stands that show simple, neat stands that have been made, mostly from home tools.

1. Paper and Cartoon

2. Old NES Controller

3. Bundle of CDs Glued Together

4. Bent and Glued Spoon and Forks

5. Rubber Wire

6. Round Rubber Sticker

7. Plastic and Metal Scraps + Copper Wires

8. Lego Parts

9. Bounded Pencils

10. Binder Clips

11. Wooden Socle

12. Polaroid Film

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