There was a time when people were limited to buying products that were locally available. That meant if your local shop did not have that product in stock or just did not carry it, then you would have to either go to another city or state or use some remote ordering system to get it.

Online shopping changed the whole scenario by allowing people from one part of a country to buy products that are physically located at the other end of the country. Shipping these to the buyer is a responsibility sellers would love to take, since they were making more money than before, with the introduction of online shopping. With the evolution of mobile phones that are capable of online browsing, shopping became even easier.

There is something that’s missing – coupons and sales that different stores offer. Obviously, you can find some at the deal sites but you’d have to browse every time for a different website. This will take a lot of your time. Smart guys have forecasted this and came up with solutions.

Milo is an app for your smartphone that allows you to browse the inventories of local shops in real time, so that you’ll know which product is available at what store. It will even notify you of the quantities available and discounts, if any. You can perform a search for any product you want, and the app will show you all the reviews or ratings available on that product, along with the nearest location where you can buy it and the lowest price offered.

ShopKick is another app that works in a different way. It allows you to collect reward points just for walking into some stores. Additional points can be earned from scanning bar codes of specific products. You can use these points to redeem gift cards, movie tickets or other rewards. The developers realized that customer interaction needs to start before the check out. So they created a device that sends inaudible sounds that can be ‘heard’ by the microphones in a cell phone.

These devices can produce sounds that are store specific. The developers also hope that, in future, they will be able to pinpoint a user’s location inside the store in order to provide possible deals on products that the consumer is looking at in that same moment.

ClikThrough is a totally different kind of an app that creates interactive videos, “inside” of which you can click on different items. So, if you like a dress or jewelry, you can click on it and get to know where it is sold.

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