Anyone who has made it big in this world, needs to understand that it doesn’t take much to ruin his/her career. Similarly, for a company it does not take much to go from riches to rags. You could be a sportsman, a celebrity cinema artist or one of the world’s reputed companies; but it definitely becomes an uphill task to re-build the lost reputation that the company or celebrity once had.

But, the essence of the saga of losing one’s reputation & building it on the web again, lies in the fact that the internet world can either make you or break you. Some remedies that are worth the read for an organization from saving itself from an online fiasco are –

Stop, Listen and then Act – A very important online business rule is for employees to keeps their eyes and ears wide open to spot real conversations happening on social media sites and other online areas. These real conversations are those messages posted online that relate to the organization, its products and services. Two categories of these real conversations are; ones that talk about the business itself and others that have embedded in them a sign of a storm that could hit the firm’s reputation. Hence, social media analysts and marketers must stop, listen and act. In case of the 2nd categorical real conversational messages, managers must ensure there is immediate action taken by which a future storm could be avoided. It is better to be prepared & put an end to the drama, than let curiosity make you wait and see what would happen.

Respond Artistically, but Do Not React – There is no point in reacting to a situation with an outburst. At the same time, it does not mean that you reply with a message that looks like a PR act. All it needs is for the online marketer to empathize with the customer, listen to his complaint, analyze it and then solve it in a tactful manner. Some companies have a set process of handling customer complaints like setting up special email groups, hiring additional employees in the customer resolution area, and coming up with special offers to win these customers back. Even while following these processes, marketers must ensure that the customer is not aggravated and is assured of immediate remedy.

Meticulous Observation, A Must – Both the points mentioned above require meticulous monitoring of everything that is spoken on any internet site. Hiring expert social media analysts and use of effective social media tools to track and detect anything that is being said online could really help firms in saving themselves from ruthless customer comments. Searching for keywords gives a quick turnaround of all relevant topics and themes that customers (and competitors) are talking about.

Let the World Know of Your Wins – Several companies are seen going out of their way and ensuring that their consumers are not just satisfied by the company’s services but are delighted by them. To achieve such a feat must not have been a walk in the park for these firms. Social media marketers and managers must therefore take note of these efforts and let the world know of how far they would go to ensure their customers are satisfied. So, go ahead and let the whole world know of your wins.

Though mentioned in theory, it must be noted the above points take quite a bit of work to be executed and achieved successfully.

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