Android phones came with the slogan that was totally in contrary with their major competitor, the iOS from Apple. While Apple has a wide selection of apps that can do pretty much everything you can think of and beyond, Android equipped phones are capable of completely changing the experience of using one. The idea behind Android being an open source one is that people could change anything they wanted. So the app base is already pretty good compared to iOS since the platform is new. The best part of being an open source platform is virtually no limitation to the customizations. Android is just that. If you are interested in Android customizations, then here are some tips:

1. Wallpaper: Good old wallpapers are age old concepts of customizing a device. It is the simplest method too. You can have a lot of wallpapers for free from the internet for your Android device. A different approach made here on this platform is the option of using ‘live wallpapers’. These wallpapers are essentially changing images that are displayed in succession. Some apps and widgets come with their very own version of live wallpapers. You can use them or you can choose your own by searching the internet.

2. Widgets: Widgets are quite familiar to most of us. These are small apps that can be placed on the home screen of a device to add functionality. There are many widgets that provide different information or customization to the home screen. Some of these are available for free and they can still be very useful ways of customization. Widgets usually display information like weather and temperature info, calendar etc.

3. Launcher: Launchers can replace the default bottom part of the screen on your Android device. While the basic function provided also by the basic launcher is the ability to launch applications, they can be used for certain other customization options. There are many free launcher apps. They are like apps, so at any point, you can change or remove them if you don’t want them to function anymore. Some launchers come with widgets that can be useful. You can take a look at their functionality.

4. ROMs: ROMs are the core of all Android phones. But if you want to change the experience at a hardware level, then these are your first steps. Custom ROMs with different functionality are targets of a lot of customers who want to modify their dream devices to make them heavenly ones. Some ROMs are cheaper than others. But you have to make sure that the ROM you are going to buy will work.

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