Guest post by Jasmine.

I can’t get enough of it. I just can’t. Call me a Facebook addict but I’m pretty sure there are many others just like me. Facebook is a website where users can create a profile page which contains as much or little details about themselves to be shared or kept private amongst friends. Facebook is THE social networking website to be on. Whenever you make a new acquaintance or meet an old one or when you discover a new interest, Facebook is THE way to learn more about it. So? Is that reason enough for me to spend 5 precious hours every day on it? Darn right! Read on and I’ll share my passion for Facebook with you.


Everyone Needs Friends!!

Let’s face it, many of us don’t spend as much time with our friends as we would like to. With work and family commitments, very few of us have time to go out and socialize and catch up with friends. But friends are an important part of our lives; they give us a fresh perspective when we’re stressed out at work or when we’ve spent 3 hours trying to crack up a cool blog post. They keep us sane. So we need to stay in touch with them. With Facebook, the ability to stay in touch with friends has never been easier.

Facebook has also helped me track down many long, lost friends from school and ex-colleagues. Admittedly, these friends should rightfully be called acquaintances now because more often than not, we don’t share all that much in common anymore. I mean, sure, we collected “Care Bears” and “Smurfs” stickers and giggled over some cute boy in school but we’ve all grown up now and after a few introductory messages, the communication kind of fizzles out. I would find it really awkward to telephone them to keep in touch. But with Facebook, I can. Since most postings aren’t directed at any person in particular but instead, is accessible to all friends, I have my updates, without the awkwardness.

It satisfies the Nosey Parker in me!

I have to sheepishly admit that it’s fun to read about other people’s lives. We’ve all done that when we read the Hollywood gossip page in the newspaper or turn our channels to E! News. We all need to know what’s happening around us. Facebook users can read about their friend’s lives, read their conversations with their other friends and look at their photographs and just nosey in without them ever knowing. It’s almost like there’s a thrill factor to this and it just makes us come back for more every time. Cheeky but true!

Being able to do what girls do best… Shop!

Many businesses have started to use Facebook to make their presence known and to push their products and services to potential customers. Why not? With hundreds of millions of active users, it’s a goldmine!

I’m guilty of being lured by advertisements on Facebook to apparel stores. I can browse through the catalogs of their products, get updated when new arrivals are in store or when there’s a big sale. It’s all very convenient with minimal hassle for me.

Gaming heaven!

Yet another reason that contributes to me being on Facebook so often is the variety of games available. Aahh, a way to escape the realities of life and to live my dreams! At the moment, I play CafeWorld in which I own a restaurant, am also the head chef and have furnished the restaurant according to my taste. I also have to figure out how to make the restaurant return profits. It’s all very exciting!

In conclusion, my opinion is that Facebook is so successful because it cashes in on a very basic human need, to be recognized and to be loved. Creating a Facebook profile allows me to share with others, details about myself without seeming too conceited; after all, everyone has a profile. Every response from my friends to a wall post is a sign of acceptance and boosts my self-esteem. It is this along with the other reasons I mentioned earlier that I clock 5 hours on Facebook daily. Just don’t ask me if I’ve done the laundry or washed the dishes. That can wait!

This was a guest article by Jasmine who is a blogger and webmaster who is passionate about web hosting, blogging, computers and the Internet. She currently blogs on 100 Web Hosting, a web hosting review, coupon codes and resources website.

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