There are no second thoughts on the fact that Smartphones have revolutionized the way everyone communicates in the 21st century. It does not just end with mobile communication as smartphones also provide entertainment, an online working opportunity from anywhere, etc. So there isn’t actually anything that a smartphone can’t do, unless of course if you want to cook something. However, it still can find the best cooking tips for you to do so. Hence, it is safe to state that Smartphones can achieve or help you achieve anything.


So what’s left? It is difficult to answer such an open-ended question. The past 2 to 3 years have definitely seen the smartphone industry grow and develop to a level which nobody could imagine. And it now seems as though everything has already been done on the smartphone platform as far as technological advancements are concerned. It is hard to imagine, predict or understand what could be the “next big thing” on the smartphone platform. Let us understand how or why smartphone technology might have hit its saturation point:

  • The new and improved 4G technology sets the HTC Thunderbolt apart from its smartphone counterparts with its high-speed connectivity. But take that off and you have nothing but a normal device which function like just another smartphone.
  • Android has definitely gone a long way in churning out innovative technological novelties which kept all kinds of smartphone fans & followers waiting for more. But now with Google shifting its focus on its latest tablet device – Honeycomb, there is little or no noise made by Android.
  • There is no doubt on the fact that Apple has always come out with unimaginable innovations with every iPhone version that it releases. But it will take some time for us to even predict what iPhone 5 would bring in, with the iPhone 4 being launched very recently. It also is a mystery as to what they can do with almost everything achieved on the smartphone platform.
  • There also is an innovative webOS 3.0 that HP has introduced to smartphones, but seemingly the technology seems to work well on a tablet than on a smartphone.

Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is nothing at all that we can look forward to on the smartphone technological platform. But, the pace at which these technological advancements are churned out in future will definitely slow down. It can only be hoped that this is proven wrong and we see as many inventions, innovations and advancements as possible.

May be, Smartphones in the future, might help us in cooking too!! *Wink. Wink*

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