When was the last time, people across the world were interested to watch a wedding? Well, I don’t have the answer for that, but I do know that the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton has garnered enough interest all over the world and hence the British Palace officials have decided to stream the royal wedding live online on Youtube!

The four-hour long internet coverage will include the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbeyon April 29th, the procession to the Buckingham Palace and the traditional appearance of the newlyweds on the Palace balcony for an expected first public kiss.


Being one of the few monarchies left in the world, the British royal wedding has increased the curiosity of people, not just in UK, but across the world. Promptly, the St James palace officials have teamed up with Google to stream Royal wedding online for millions of interested people across the world.

Watch Royal Wedding Online on YouTube

The Royal Channel is starting to live stream the wedding of the century at 10am (BST London), which is 2am (PST), 5am (EDT), 11am (CEST), 2.30pm (IST), 6pm (UTC+8), 7pm (EST) and 9pm (NZST)

The Royal Channel on Youtube

In the US, TLC will be telecasting the royal wedding starting at 5pm EST. But the online streaming option should be more exciting with added features.

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