I resisted falling for the link baits, but the news about iPad 2 launch in India is indeed true. Apple has released a press release, which confirms April 29th launch for iPad 2 in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, UAE, Philippines, Malaysia, Israel, Korea & Macau starting 9am local time. And the earthquake hit Japan which missed out from the initial list of 26 counties to get the iPad 2 in March, will get it on April 28th 2011. If you are in China, you would need to wait till May 6th.


For many, including me, the iPad 2 India launch was a shocker, as Apple has always treated India as a dumping ground when it comes to iPhone and iPad. Even iPhone 4 is yet to make it to India. But Apple has always released other products like iPod Touch, iMacs, MBPs soon enough in India, possibly because they don’t come with extraordinary demand like iPhones and iPads.

The press release doesn’t talk about carrier subsidies and I believe that the iPad 2 being launched in India will actually be factory unlocked! It will be available through all the Apple retail stores, select Apple Authorized Resellers, and online through the Apple Store. Vijay Sales, Reliance iStore, eZone and Tata Croma are the premium resellers who will be selling the iPad 2 in India.

iPad 2 Price in India

The Pricing of the iPads is as follows:

Model Wi-Fi 3G with Wi-Fi
16 GB Rs 29,500 Rs 36,900
32 GB Rs 34,500 Rs 41,900
64 GB Rs 39,500 Rs 46,900

In case you are planning to buy iPad 2, read this article once to know if it is a worthy investment or now.

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8 thoughts on “Buy iPad 2 in India Starting April 29th

  1. Apple is doing it again! Price variations in prices of Apple products across different countries. Why the price of all Apple products is higher in India? The price of iPad2 in US is $499 and in Indian rupees it comes to Rs. 22500. Then why Rs. 29,500? I believe Apple is again ignoring the potentially large Indian consumer market.

    • In simple terms, pricing of gadgets are dependent on local taxes. iPhone and iPad costs way lesser in markets like Hong Kong as compared to US. And that is not because Apple has anything against US consumers!!

  2. the only reason it is launching in India is because Galaxy tab with a superior product will launch in June and apple does not want it take a foot hold the largest market in the world. Apple made a mistake last year.

  3. Will it be problem if I buy a ipad2-64gb-onlyWifi (699$ Rs.31399) in US, and bringing to india unofficially?
    will there be any limitation to use in india?

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