The race to become the world’s top browser and get as many internet users on-board has left world-class developers think, work and execute better than ever before. Mozilla, Google and Microsoft have all pulled up their socks and are rearing to win the race for supremacy as far as the most popular browser is concerned.


Mozilla soon after announcing its latest feature, speedier schedule for Firefox, has introduced another feature called the Aurora channel which will help the browser test new features and bring them into existence. Microsoft too is not far behind wherein it is all set to launch the IE 9 before which it has already planned to unveil a preview version of the next version – IE 10. With all the noise happening from its counterparts, reports suggest that Google Chrome and team had a quiet and sedate 6 week session that has brought about a sea-full of features and upgrades to the browser.

Here are top 5 of those many waves of features it plans to release soon –

  • Press SPDY for speed – A replacement to HTTP, SPDY is expected to speed up the pace at which the content is transported from the web. The current statistics suggest that as much as 64% improvement is seen in the time that a page takes to load. SPDY will eventually be released as a product of open source, but as of now it can only be used in Chrome on Google related sites.
  • High-level security – With several security goof-ups that have been taking place, Google Chrome too seems to have taken measures to beef-up security levels by revising its security policy. Systems Administrators can use Chrome with minimal destruction to security as they can block particular types of content, including plug-ins, images, styles, fonts and inline scripts. In addition to this you also, already have the new warnings system launched during the initial days of this month wherein potentially dangerous downloads could be tracked and quarantined.
  • Touch Tabs – A feature that exists in most smartphones is one that is incorporated in the latest Chrome. The touch tabs will allow users in choosing more than one homepages.
  • New scroll buttons – After having received plenty of requests from users, Chrome has finally added the Tab Scrolling feature wherein people can view all the side tabs. Along with this tabs can now be seen in a fading font in the Windows version of Chrome.
  • Advancements in WebKit – The latest WebKit version apparently renders support for Windows 7 gestures and also for Chrome’s Skia backend, and this will reportedly enable print previewing PDF files on Chrome.

All of the above features along with certain other add-ons that would come in time onto Chrome will definitely help grow its market share which currently stands at 11.57% in the worldwide browser market, according to Net Applications.

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