No surprise this! Within hours of US Naval Seals hunting down Osama Bin Laden, spammers on Facebook have gotten into their dirty games with a new “Watch the Osama Shoot down video” scam which has gotten viral, by taking different forms like clickjacking and comment-jacking. And guess what? Wikileaks gets the blame for the non-existant leak!

Osama is dead, watch this exclusive CNN video which was censored by Obama Administration due to level of violence, a must watch. Leaked by Wikileaks.


Obviously the (non-existant) video is fake. We still don’t have the picture of shot Osama, forget about the video of it! As I mentioned before, there are other forms of this viral video spam and you should be slapping yourself if you fall for it.

Knowing the importance of Osama’s shoot down, it was always expected, that someone would come up with these dirty tricks to scam innocents lurking around Facebook, and still the people behind Facebook haven’t done anything at all to shut this crap.

In case you have already fallen prey to this particular scam, share this post with your friends and hope that it would significantly wash away your sins of spamming them!

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