Black and White – these are the colors that we saw on iPhones and iPads. These are the colors that Apple has been feeding us with for the last years. Sure, “keep it nice and simple”, Jobs would say, but why this lack of customizations? One thing that we totally hate about Apple is the fact that we can’t customize its OS, and this is why open-source Android will get so many followers.

On the hardware part, Apple may have move a little bit ahead, with Smart Covers and the engravings, but it just doesn’t enough for some, and that includes me also.

A painting solution is provided to us by ColorWare, but the prices are quite high, the basic customization starts from 400$. One neat thing about the website is that they have a customization page, where one can, at least, fantasize about how original his iPad could look like…

You can change the body, antenna and even the logo’s colors. We’ve played a little around with the black version and came up with 10 unusual looks for the iPad. Tell us which did you like the most.

1. Red Body with White Logo


2. Green Body with Gray Logo


3. Black Body with Yellow Logo


4. Pink Body with Light Gray Logo


5. Orange Body with Green Logo


6. Deep Blue Body with Hard Green Logo


7. Yellow Boddy with Black Logo


8. White Body with Red Logo


9. Brown Body with Green Logo


10. Light Blue with Black Logo


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