Guest post by Jaelithe.

Technology can be transformative, limitless, and sometimes, incredibly overwhelming. There are a million ways to accomplish one task and a million tasks to accomplish. It’s critical to have the most efficient tools to master the growing demands of this modern world. Here are four tech tricks that will change your life while allowing you to have more of one.

1. Manage To-Do Lists on Your Mobile Device AND your Desktop


If you’ve ever forgotten your shopping list or lost your PayPal password, you’ve seen how misplaced information can steal the time right off your watch. Keeping track of passwords, lists, and schedules is a full-time pain in the PalmPilot, but if you connect all your information you’ll save a ton of time. There are many apps that wirelessly sync your phone to your home or office computer.

For example, Evernote (a free app available on the iPhone) can be downloaded to all the computers you use for constant access. Try organizing your list in category folders. Keep passwords, grocery lists, pictures, and daily duties all in one program and organize them by tagging lists and creating subfolders.

Evernote allows you to easily capture notes in four ways:

  1. typing on your keypad
  2. photographing with your phone
  3. accessing existing photos
  4. recording a voice memo

With Evernote, you’ll never need to take a note on a napkin again!

2. Access Work Information While on the Go

The days of running into the office on Saturdays are over. Software like CompanionLink, allows you to sync your contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and more to your mobile device—so you have access to your data everywhere your phone goes. It supports syncing with a wide variety of programs (including Outlook, ACT! and Highrise) and phones (including Android, iPhones, BlackBerry, and more). To top it all off, there is a free trial so you can test it out.

3. Go Paperless


It’s the eco-friendly thing to do and the quickest way to de-clutter your life. Camera phones take fantastic photos and scanners are incredibly affordable. Empty your wallet of business cards by scanning them with your phone and filing them away.

Genius Scan is a great app to try. Take quick shots of receipts, important mail and notes. Have you been saving those birthday cards Grandma sends since your baseball themed birthday party? Scan them into your computer, organize them by year and quickly scroll through them anytime nostalgia strikes.

4. Keep Track of Your Finances


Online banking provides incredibly quick data about a variety of accounts, but it’s not available in real time. Transactions don’t post online instantly, so you can expect to continue to track expenses manually. But that doesn’t mean you have to pull out your tattered checkbook. Apps like Balance allow you to keep track of transactions right on your phone. And you don’t have to stop there.

Apps like Pageonce consolidate bank accounts, credit cards and expense information and produce reports that tell you where your money is going. Combined with the ability to sync this info to your desktop, this is an incredibly efficient way to manage funds and save valuable time.

This was a guest post by Jaelithe who named her iPhone Irene. They have a very happy life together filled with technology and productivity using the best sync software available.

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