intel Intel has announced the launch of one of the most resourceful chip designs with the all new Atom chip architecture.  This latest chip will be named “Silvermont” and is due to be released in the market by 2013 which will be the best architecture in the new transistor structures. These advanced transistor structures will be instrumental in adding a new range of architectural designing. With the atom architectural change which is found in laptops, this is the first of its kind to be most extensively used.

The new “Silvermont” when used along with 3D transistors will improve power efficiency to the maximum and also enhance its functionality. Similar to all the other atom processors, even the “Silvermont” will make use of the chip technology that is widely used in smartphones and tablets these days. The latest Z760 processor being launched by Intel is also a silicon on one piece of silicon or in a one-chip package which is otherwise known as SOC. This technology of SOCs will bring in assimilation, execution and competence that will be unmatched.

intel_atom_chipGiven this situation, Intel is expected to propel the number of transistors that are on a chip being used on the Atom processor to double each year. The resultant outcome is a bunch of atoms shipping at 45-nanometer and going ahead to 32-nanometer in terms of volume leading to a three process generation and the birth of a new technology within the next three years. While speculations are still on about the Silvermont chip architecture, sources expect it to reach the 22-nanometer and 3D transistors stage very soon. This is due to the fact that, Intel intends to surpass the laws set by the Moore’s Law which calls for doubling the chips on transistors every two years of greater speed and efficiency as well.

There is a lot of competition that Intel has to face in the new age of advanced micro devices which go much beyond the conventional PC nemesis. Amongst the companies that are a tough competition for Intel are manufacturers of large chip suppliers like Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, and Nvidia. These companies are going out of the way to leave no stone unturned to develop swift processors on the basis of the Arm design which is on par with the Atom technology. This is the same technology that is being used in the latest smartphones and tablets these days.

This will surely be one of the landmark changes in the world of chip technology that Intel has initiated ever since the introduction of smartphones and tablets in the market. After the development of the atom processors that revolutionized chip technology this one will certainly be the most advanced technical developments that runs on greater speeds is being brought forth by Intel alone. In the nearby time periods, Intel is expect to divulge more details of this wonderful chip technology “Atom Soc” that it is developing.

For sure, the world of technology will see this remarkable change and witness what is called the new meaning for technological competency coupled with power efficiency.

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