Watching TV Shows online is the in-thing now. Even otherwise, most of us will be multi-tasking with our phone, laptop or tablet while watching our favorite shows on TV. Having a conversation around the TV shows in real time on social networks like Facebook and Twitter is pretty common these days and now we have umpteen tools to get instant recommendations on what to watch on TV. Not just the recommendations, some of the apps are designed to enhance your TV watching experience and be a true companion of sorts.

In this article, we shall look into some of the best TV companion apps or tools which you can try right now.

1. (iOS devices)

yap-tv is touted as the ultimate companion to the TV watching experience and best way to interact with your friends and show fans in real-time. It also acts as a personalized recommendation engine and TV show guide fused with streamed content for thousands of TV shows. What’s more? You get user-generated polls, integration with Twitter and Facebook, automatic check-in to see what friends are watching, and real-time private group chat. It is specifically designed for iPad, iPod Touch & iPhone and can be downloaded from the app store for Free! We are not sure when/if they release the android version of

2. BeeTV is an out and out recommendation engine for television shows, movies, sports and news. Users are expected to sign-up for the service and create a profile, where they rate a few familiar TV shows. Based on their favorites, BeeTV makes recommendations of live and upcoming shows that a user might be interested in. too has a dedicated app for iPhone and iPad which can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store. Android app is expected to be released soon.

3. IntoNow


IntoNow, which was recently acquired by Yahoo, is like Shazam for TV shows. It lets you check into a show you are watching by simply listening to the audio signature of the show and comparing that against its database. Though the service is magically accurate, there isn’t much you can do. Yes, you can share the show with your friends on Twitter and Facebook, and that’s it. There isn’t a smart recommendation engine built in yet, but it does tell you what your friends are watching, which realistically, isn’t enough. And again it’s iOS only.

4. SocialGuide


SocialGuide is the latest kid on the block and is currently in beta. It aims to provide a real-time view into which shows are stirring up the most conversation. Much like it’s counterparts, SocialGuide aggregates those real time social conversations into one spot resulting in a real-time social channel listing. The apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices are expected very soon.


trendrr-tv is bit different to the other four services listed above. It’s a tool to analyze and understand what TV shows are popular on social media. Trendrr aggregates data from public Facebook posts and Twitter mentions, as well as check-ins from social TV applications like GetGlue and Miso. Users can switch from Daily to Weekly tabs to know what shows garnered more eyeballs in recent times. A good enough indicator for you to know what TV show to watch, isn’t it?

Bonus: For our Indian users, India TV Guide app is a one stop solution. This ad-free app is available for free on Android & iOS, while Blackberry app is expected to be released soon. Find the programmes and schedule info you want to watch. List your favorite channels. Set Alerts & sync with your Google calendar as well! You can tell your friends what programme you are watching and what not to miss through, Twitter and Facebook.


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


2 thoughts on “What to Watch on TV? Get Instant Recommendations for TV Shows

  1. Hi Raju, nice list and breakdown you’ve done here.
    Do you really find any of these useful for finding something good to watch? I mean the fact that a TV show is trending on twitter is interesting, but does it mean that Raju is going to like it?
    I checked some of these sites out and they are social (i.e. chit chatty) which is fun, but I just didn’t find anything that looked good to watch on them. Is it just me?
    Have you tried I’d be interested to hear how the experience compared. Where do you actually find new content that looks good to you personally?
    Nikki Ralston

    • Nikki, you have got a good service out there, but the ones I have listed aren’t just about what’s trending on Twitter or Facebook. It surely is one of their biggest ingredients, but most of them do “personalize” the experience. Be it in terms of what my friends are watching (or talking) or be it what I myself had watched and liked before. They are definitely smart and more intuitive than how you have projected them in your comment.

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