Samsung has announced the launch of its flagship Android device – Samsung Galaxy S II in India at a press event in New Delhi. Arguably the best Android phone in the world right now, Samsung Galaxy S II boasts some of the jaw-dropping hardware specs.


It comes with a 4.3″ Super AMOLED plus display, 8MP rear camera with auto-focus and LED Flash, a 2MP front camera, 1080p video capture and NFC Support. It runs on Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” with TouchWiz 4.0 UI layer and is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. It is also the thinnest Android smartphone right now. Following the foot steps of Samsung Galaxy S, which was launched under different variants in US and across the world, Galaxy S2 is expected to do as well as it’s predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Price in India

Samsung announced that, Galaxy S II will retail at Rs 32,890 across all retail outlets in India from June 9, however the pre-booking will kick start from 26th May.

It is interesting to note that Rs 32,890 translates to $727 (approx) which is way lesser than the retail prices of the same device in US & UK, where it is priced at $849 & $820 respectively (Source: Amazon). We must clarify that we are not sure if the Indian version of Galaxy S2 is exactly same as the US/UK version. You might know that the Galaxy S was launched with SLCD screen (instead of Super AMOLED) here in India.

Update: It is now confirmed that Galaxy S2 comes with NFC and Super AMOLED Plus screen in India as well! Check the specification below (via @micklovzu)


Credit must be given to Samsung who have always launched their smartphones and tablets in India almost at the same time as their global launch. So, will you be buying Galaxy S2 in India?

Pssstt… Aircel India just announced the launch of iPhone 4 in India. Coincidence?!

Update: A shocker really! One of the first buyers in India @tanmays claims that NFC is absent in Indian version of Samsung Galaxy S II. Click here for more details. If that is the case then it contradicts the claim made by Samsung when announcing Galaxy S II in India last month. Not that NFC is relevant in India at this point of time, but Samsung should have clarified it before launch. Now that explains why it is cheaper than US & UK?


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  • Bhatta

    out to see how it will sell.. considering iFone 4 is being launched

    vot about the rumour that iphone4 will cost half the price if the postpaid bill is > 2k for 2 yrs.?

  • Gouthaman Karunakaran

    Samsung Galaxy S2 is definitely worth buying when compared to the iPhone 4.

    I agree that the iPhone is awesome and all, but the 16GB model that’s locked with Aircel (or if I may say, India’s AT&T with really bad coverage) costs Rs. 34,500 (and Rs.40,000 for 32GB). The phone is almost obsolete with a new iPhone due in September.

    Weighing these differences, the Galaxy S2 is the device to go for!

    • Raju PP

      I am with you here!

    • SK Mezanul

      I too agree with you Gouthaman. Definitely, I will go for Samsung Galaxy S2.

  • Droid

    The only problem with Samsung is after sales support. To be unbeatable all they need to do is give out updates (atleast as frequently as HTC). Another cue they can take from Motorola is to leave their bootloaders unlocked. There will be no stopping them!

  • Jasmine

    Galaxy S2 looks really nice. But I prefer HTC phones. :)

    • BrutalAssasinNaved

      ya u can go for newly launched HTC’s sensational

  • Chaitanya

    waiting for reviews… how it is??

  • Sat

    Looks like NFC is available as per the link under Edit 5 – Last edited by the reporter himself Tanmay; 5th June 2011 at 08:13 PM.

  • JSM


  • anthony

    This phone is offering much better features with android. I am looking forward with this mobile

  • ravi

    Hey samsung s2 wihtout 3g is abt 720-750$ only in US but with 3g its 830-870$ so u got confused with i think…

  • BrutalAssasinNaved

    guys when u buy a samsung galaxy s2 or a Google galaxy nexus after 3-4 years when u wil see that new model has launched and you want to buy a new phone for sake say samsung has launched for example samsung andro universe and when u go to sell your s2 or nexus no one will prefer to buy it but u owe a iphone4s now and u go to sell it after 3-4 years a blind to will come forward to but it because he knows IF YOU DON’T HAVE A IPHONE YOU DONT HAVE A IPHONE ,HENCE IPHONE VALUES IN EACH ASPECT ITS A LEGEND OR WAIT FOR IPHONE5 FOR SAMSUNG TO BE BEATEN