F-Secure, one of the top security firms for PC, have released F-Secure AntiVirus for Mac with fast, real-time protection for home users and businesses. The software was in beta till recently, and we guess the recent malware attacks have hurried them to come out of beta and release the final version.


For many Apple fanboys, “antivirus for Mac” is like an oxymoron. Apple has always boasted about how safe and secure the Mac ecosystem is. But the recent malware attacks have tarnished their image a great deal. As Brian X. Chen points out,

There’s nothing about the Mac that makes it inherently more secure than Windows– indeed, the Mac platform has been easily penetrated in the Pwn2Own hacking contest in years past. But Windows has always been a juicier target for malicious hackers because it has much larger market share than the Mac.

So, an antivirus security suite is now a necessity for your Mac more than ever. With gradual increase in sales of Macbooks, Macbook Airs, Macbook Pros and iMacs, we can surely expect many more malware and trojans cropping up on Mac. Though there are other options present, F-Secure antivirus for Mac is worth considering.

F-Secure Anti-virus for Mac

F-Secure Anti-virus for Mac is your key to be safe and tension-free. It will protect you from viruses and configure your firewall to help you to make sure your precious data stays where it should be. Since F-Secure Anti Virus for Mac is constantly updated, you’ll always be protected from the latest threats.

The installable is less than 22 MB and it needs around 65 MB space on your hard drive. Installation is simple, straight-forward and a breeze to deal with. Once installed, it runs in the background, without taking too much memory and protects your Mac from various threats in real time.

As you expect, the service is not free. It costs around €32 (~$45) per year for 1 Mac device. You can download and try F-Secure antivirus for Mac for Free (1 month) by using the campaign code “AVMAGL“.

Download F-Secure Anti-virus for Mac

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