A recent study by Microsoft Advertising, MEC and Mindshare has shown an unique behavior of web users in India. The study was undertaken across 11 countries – Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom and the US and focused on 7,000 participants aged between 16 and 54 years old.

Some of the most interesting facts from the study:

  • 72% of the time spent online by Indians is planned, not spontaneous!
  • 49% of Indians come online to communicate with others
  • 35% come online to seek information
  • Entertainment in the form of music, video and gaming is the motivation for going online for 22% of all online occasions
  • 14% to create content in the digital space
  • 12% for online transactions
  • Majority of time spent online is habitual, with only 16% prompted by an event, conversation or offline media.

Below is an infographic released as part of the study. Click on it for a bigger and better image.


If you are interested to know more about the share, visit this link.

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3 thoughts on “Behavior of Internet Users in India: A Study [Infographic]

  1. But the number of participants was 7000 only.. Is that number sufficient enough to determine the behavioral patterns of internet users of the second most populous country ?

    • Even 70,000 wouldn’t be enough if everyone thinks like you! The effectiveness of a survey based study is based on how varied the respondents are and how accurately they represent the general public.

  2. It’s kinda true. Almost every single indian member on out company (EY) have skype installed in thier laptops to chat with thie families when they return home. They do it on a daily basis.

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