Intel has now revealed its new category of laptops – Ultrabooks; which will be a challenge to many tablet devices and iPads, that are already popular in the market. Intel introduced this new series of fast processing PC with light designs in Taipei at the Computex Trade Show. Intel has plans to release this thin, low power Ultrabook which is only 0.8 inches thick, featuring instant internet logon and touch screen. Asus Tex one of the companies to ship, said that by the end of this year this UX21 system will be released for sale at a pricing of around $1,000.

This Intel Ultrabook uses 32nm version of Intel processor which is the high performance Sandy Bridge processor. It also shares graphic core, x86 and cache memory. Tom Kilroy, Senior VP said that about 40% of the consumers are being expected in the laptop market by next year end. This hi -tech device performs in the thin form factor with the combination of more improved security and responsiveness. Intel’s personnel during the trade show also opined, “With the strong industry collaboration, Intel is towards its road maps with the technology innovation to bring changes in an exciting way in personal computing“.

The subsequent Ultrabooks of Intel are expected to be based on Ivy Bridge, which is the upcoming processor to be released by next year; and Haswell which is the 22nm second generation chip made using the latest micro architecture, to be released by 2013. This Haswell chip which consumes low power down to 10-20W will help in making slimmer designs with long battery life. This has made Intel to have high hopes for the new Ultrabooks targeting the rival iPads and grab a huge tablet market share.

It has been said by many observers that the effort taken by Intel will be the latest attempt bridging tablet devices and PCs. Erik Reid, General Manager – Mobile Platform Division of Intel says, “This introduction of Ultrabook does not mean that the company is trying to shift its attention from netbooks and we believe in the category of netbooks“. He also said that Intel will work on Google’s Android, when the demand arises from the customers.

The Ultrabooks by Intel are well designed match for Apple’s MacOS and Microsoft Windows. Intel also announced about the Smartphone and the tablet which is designed for 32nm Medfield; a SoC based on the single- chip Atom. This Smartphone runs Android’s Gingerbread version, whereas tablet runs on Honeycomb. Charles King, Principal analyst at Pund IT, said, “Ivy Bridge complements with more performance capabilities, but will the market adopt this“. He also said, “This model of Ultrabook attempts to create the best solution where the consumers can get mobility, lightness and all applications“. He expects this Ultrabook to create interesting differentiations from OEM partners of Intel and the idea of this device offers a lot more benefits of iPad with the traditional PCs functionality.

iPad takes pride being in the ‘Post PC era’. While the Intel Ultrabook is much closer to the PC than the iPad. Would you be buying one once it is released?

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