Finding the right case for your iPad 2 can be tougher than finding a pearl in sea. Eeks! Let’s cut the crap! In the coming days, we will be taking a look at some of the best iPad 2 cases you can buy, depending upon your requirements and budget. The first one we have is an awesome folio case for iPad 2, called Venture Stand case by Case-Mate!


iPad 2 was released by Apple earlier this year along with a newly designed Smart Cover, which was initially well received by many. But then, some people started seeing its shortcomings and preferred to have a case with traditional design like the ones for the original iPad. Case-Mate Venture fits in that category.

Design & Looks


Venture was a huge hit with the original iPad and no wonder the company came out with a version specifically designed for iPad 2 as well. Venture comes with a built-in stand that allows iPad 2 to be viewed in landscape mode which is great for viewing movies or presentations. Unlike the smart cover, Venture provides complete protection to your iPad 2, protecting the screen as well as the back of iPad.

The case has a faux-leather finishing with reptile texturing and comes with a Velcro tab and button closure to secure your iPad 2. It has to be one of the best looking iPad 2 cases I have seen. The red accents on the black case makes the case look beautiful in addition to the elegance provided by faux-leather.

Features & Performance


Case-Mate’s Venture case for iPad 2 comes with cuts and openings which are near perfect. Each and every port and button on the iPad is easily accessible, including the front and back cameras. The iPad slides into the case easily and the fittings are great as well. The inside part of the case is very smooth (suede leather probably) which ensures that your iPad screen doesn’t get scratched.

In order to get the case double up as a stand, you would need to unbutton the 2 buttons present near the Velcro strapping. Once you do that, you can use it as a stand in landscape mode which provides a wonderful viewing angles. But then, there is no neat way to use the case as a stand in portrait mode.

Final take



  • Elegant and classy look
  • Provides complete protection
  • Built-in stand and presentation easel
  • Sleek and light-weight (as compared to other folio cases)


  • Need to unbutton each time you want to use it as a stand
  • No portrait stand mode
  • Only one color combination available (Black/Red)

Case-Mate Venture is a real good folio case for iPad 2. It’s great for office as well as daily use. It does have its share of limitations, but at $49.99, I believe it’s a decent bargain. You can either buy the case via Amazon or through Case-Mate directly. They have free shipping for all US orders and decent shipping costs to other countries.

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3 thoughts on “Case-Mate Venture: iPad 2 Case Review

  1. I just wanted a simple black leather folio style case. One which wouldn’t hinder any functions, would look nice in meetings and would keep my pad safe. I ended super happy with my choice.

    Cyber Acoustics Leather iPad 2 Cover

    – Great price
    – Good weight, light but sturdy
    – Magnets work great
    – Excellent stand
    – Looks very professional, great quality leather
    – Lots of options, strap, business card holder, etc
    – nice surface on the inside flap, gentle on screen, does not attract pet hair
    – most importantly as I found while looking at portfolio cases, is the parts that hold it in place do not cover the border of the screen and do not inhibit your swipe gestures.

    My runners up were;

    Bear Motion Genuine Leather Case

    AYL Premium Genuine Slim Leather

    Yoobao Executive Genuine Leather

    CaseCrown Apple iPad 2 Bold Standby

    Hope this helps you save some time and you enjoy the case as much as I do.

  2. When I got my original iPad I bought so many cases and then I found a case that I would consider the best one out there. I chose the Nizmo’s Angle leather case.
    So when I bought my iPad 2 it was a no brainer to to get the new Nizmo’s Angle/2.
    It’s even better than the first one.
    I use it for presentations at work and always get such positive comments on it. It looks great, base multi viewing angles and even has a sleep mode when the cover is closed.
    This case is great!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I have the Nizmo’s Angle2 and I love it.
    This case is functional, great quality and looks great too.
    I have it for 5 months and it still looks like new.
    Highly recommended.

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