Update (13th Feb 2012) : Better late than never. Angry birds for Facebook is now available! The game comes with a host of in-game options like cheats and special powers.
Play Angry Birds on Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/178222352279634/

Earlier: In just around three months from now, you would be able to play (arguably) the most addictive and popular game, Angry Birds on (arguably) the most addictive and popular social network on the web, Facebook. Though it has been made available on Web browsers (Google Chrome), Netbooks (Intel App up Store) and desktops (Mac & Windows), the fun of playing it on Facebook should be different, considering the social extras it brings in to the game.


This announcement was made by Peter Vesterbacka, who is Rovio’s Chief Marketing Officer. Terming it as the “social game”, Vesterbacka said, that Angry Birds would be free to download on Facebook but users could pay for “extras” – the revenue from which would be split between the two companies. Though we are not sure, what exactly he means by download, the take away from his announcement is that the game will be free for all 550 million users of Facebook.

Angry Birds has been by far the most popular mobile game in recent times. It has been downloaded more than 200 million times till date, and has been a major selling point for several mobile platforms and service providers (Remember that funny real-life angry birds ad ?)

As for Facebook, social gaming has proved really a boon for the company. That boom has meant entry of mainstream gaming publishers onto Facebook’s Social gaming platform. Recently EA launched SIMS on Facebook. And now with Angry Birds joining the fray, it is surely getting very interesting!


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