Wynncom Ogo, a brand new series of Dual-SIM Mobile phones from Wynncom comes with host of unique features, like free internet downloads, free Push E-mail, free IM services, free SMS etc.

At present, they have 2 models under the Ogo series – O 77 Konnect and O 78 Touch. Considering the price, which is around Rs. 4500 in India, (~$100) it is definitely worth a look. The recent adverts on TV prominently talks about the free internet, free push email and other freebies you get along with the phone. Free internet? If you are curious to know about it, read further.

Bundled Data Plan from Aircel

When you buy a Wynncom Ogo phone, you will get an Aircel SIM card which gets you 1GB of data transfer per month free for one year! Considering that the phones are Dual SIM, it shouldn’t be a bad choice after all. We do not have the exact details of the data plans from Aircel as yet. But then, all the freebies mentioned by Wynncom in their adverts aren’t powered by Aircel’s data plan alone.

Synchronica’s Mobile Gateway Messaging

These new Wyncom OGO phones are powered with Synchronica UK’s award-winning Mobile Gateway messaging services which enables the Wynncom OGO handsets to support unique cutting-edge features like realtime Push Email, Instant Messaging, Social Networking Services with support of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts; and access to thousands of Indian and International news, sporting and entertainment Web feeds.

Unlike other solutions, Mobile Gateway exclusively uses open industry standards (IMAP, SyncML, IMPS) to synchronize the native messaging and PIM clients of the device platform. Using Synchronica’s Mobile gateway, along with push E-Mail support with popular E-Mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail, Wynncom OGO O-78 phones also support Microsoft Exchange Server, Lotus Domino, Sun Java suites and practically all POP3 and IMAP 4 accounts.

Synchronica claims several high profile clients for their Mobile Gateway services. The technology is surely interesting. It remains to be seen how successful it would be amongst the early adopters like Wynncom Ogo.

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