HP Touchpad, yet another wannabe tablet aiming to end Apple iPad’s dominance on tablet market, will be up for grabs from July 1st in the US markets. As you would expect, HP has released a series of demo videos to show the power of this webOS tablet. Unlike the iOS and Android, the webOS (and the Touchpad) isn’t backed by the fanboys community in such a large scale and no wonder not many of you would even know its existence. But have a look at the videos embedded below. I am sure it would sweep you off a few times.

Impressive isn’t it? webOS has a really impressive user interface. many people believe it’s the closest to the Apple’s iOS UI. I would say it is even better. But UI is not everything. I am sure Windows Phone 7 users would vouch for that! When HP Touchpad was announced back in February, some tech pundits had seen few kinks in the performance, but we can hope HP to have ironed it out by now.

Stay tuned for more updates and do let us know what you thought about the demo videos!


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One thought on “See HP Touchpad in Full Glory: Official Demo Videos

  1. Now what? I understand HP moving away from tablets and webOS and favoring cloud and enterprise solutions, but I don’t understand HP selling the PC Business´╗┐. I worry of the effect it will have on realtionships with HP overall just like it did with IBM selling off to Lenovo.

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