Google and Gmail hardly ever fail to innovate and surprise you with amazing yet useful features. The latest feature which they just added must come as a boon for many. Sending emails with images has just gotten easier! Just that, you need to be using the latest version of Google Chrome web browser.

As you might already know, Google added image drag & drop feature to Gmail last year and now, they have made it even better with an option to copy & paste the images onto your messages! So, whenever you see an image which you would want to email, just copy the image and paste it into the Gmail compose page. The location of the copied image can be on your hard-disk, on a webpage or another email!

Simply hit your Prt Scr button in Windows, or Command-Control-Shift-4 on your Mac and you can then paste your image into Gmail. Once pasted, you will be able to edit the image, sort of. For that, you would need to right click on the image, select the image size as small, medium, large or original size. But you cannot rotate or crop them as yet. Also, as I mentioned earlier, this feature is available only on the latest version of Google Chrome. Google though, has promised that the feature will be coming to other browsers as well in the near future.

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