iPhone 5 or may be iPhone 4S as some would call it will be unveiled later this year. Apple being so popular and even more secretive about their projects and products, results in so many rumors and speculations. It has become almost impossible to separate signals from the noise. We did all the dirty work for you and below you will be able to find out all the details pertaining to iPhone 5 specs, features, release date and more!

iPhone 5 Release Date

The release date of iPhone 5 is the hot topic of the season. According to BGR, Apple might unveil the iPhone 5 in August this year! BGR’s sources are normally trustworthy, but this goes against the typical release pattern of Apple, who usually announce the next gen iPhone at WWDC event and new iPods during the annual musical event in September. According to BGR, Apple could make the iPhone 5 announcement in early August with a late-August availability expected.

But the latest Bloomberg report, pushes the iPhone 5 launch to September, possibly during the annual music event hosted by Apple. Either ways, we can expect a new iPhone by September this year!

Update: iPhone 5 Release on October 4th

iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S

There have been contradicting reports of what would be coming out of Apple’s closets this year. While some are speculating a faster iPhone 4 aka iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 plus, with a better processor and extra RAM, many others are almost sure that the new iPhone will actually be iPhone 5, as it will be a complete overhaul in terms of design, specs and form factor.

Personally, I would be backing iPhone 5 launch, specially since we are talking about Aug/Sep launch and not Feb/Mar. iPhone 4 is well over an year old and though it still compares with the best in business, the hardware is bit dated. Also, we are seeing enough indications from Apple to get through the unsold inventories of iPhone 4 by launching it in emerging economies like India and doing away with contract based selling in US.

iPhone 5 Design


According to the report by Bloomberg, iPhone 5 will sport a design similar to that of iPhone 4, which was a huge hit across the world. BGR & Engadget though banks on a complete revamped design for iPhone 5. According to some reports, Apple might be moving away from Infineon chipsets and shifting to Qualcomm.

Meanwhile, This is my next, the latest home of the ex-Engadgeteers have even come out with some renderings about how the new iPhone 5 would look based upon the information they have sourced! There are also reports of Nexus S like contour display for iPhone 5. Apple has apparently bought 200+ glass cutting machines for the same purpose.

What’s more, we might see the return of metallic backs as opposed to the plastic design of iPhone 4!

iPhone 5 Specs

According to Bloomberg, who is vouching for an iPhone 5 launch in September, along with the faster Apple A5 processor, we might also see an 8 megapixel camera. As you might already know, A5 processor is already present in iPad 2 and hence some people predicts a multi-core version of A5 in iPhone 5. Apple will retain the retina display but will work on better graphics underneath. Almost all the reports suggest that there won’t be any support for 4G LTE networks but might it might support the HSPA+ networks. Now that the iPad 2 supports full HD, we can expect the iPhone 5 to do the same.

There are some talks about Apple releasing a cheaper iPhone model in developing countries which might be the smaller version of iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4). Touted as iPhone nano, the device would use chips and displays of similar quality to today’s iPhone 4.

Expect this article to get updated as and when we get to hear more rumors from authentic sources. Would you be interested in buying an iPhone 5 as and when it’s released?

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