Guest Post by Sarah Johnston.

Editor’s note: This isn’t anything like you have read on Technically Personal for a long time. It’s a straight-from-the-heart article by a 76-year-old blogger, which I feel is a worthy read for every young(er) blogger.

Age brings wisdom and with wisdom comes knowing when to speak and when not to. But when you try to learn how to blog at this age you do not know what to say and what not to say. You are writing your thoughts from your heart; words are pouring out of your mind and appearing on paper. But what are all these words if nobody takes the time to read them?

When we get older and are part of the baby boom generation, grew up with rock and roll, pop music and Elvis Presley we are out of our safe zone when it comes to blogging. We can not see the nameless faces that read our post. But we can feel the rejection when we see nobody is interested in us and leaves a comment. We can tell that we are being rejected by the number of visitor that comes to our blog. We are not young and popular but we too have the same fears of rejection as you do.

What are our rejections?

After years we have come to live with the rejection we receive from the younger generation. They seem to have no time for us. Life has changed so much in the past 76 years and today people seem to run on speed with no time to slow down. The society is advancing at such a rapid pace and the young seem to have the energy to fit in and run the marathon each day.

When our children grew up there was no cable TV, Internet, and Wii to occupy their time. Social networks did not exist and our children were free to grow up and explore the great outdoors. Today both parents work and have found automated baby sitting for their children. They can be rest assured that their children are passing their time in front of a computer or TV playing video games.

Grandparents and Great Grandparents are rejected by their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. They would much rather spend their time socializing on Facebook, sending out Tweet, reading Tweets of other, following Tweets to view new videos, and playing with their Wii. When we try to ask them to play a game of checker or chess with us they say no thanks I have to be online to see what my friends are doing. Being concerned, I asked, do you know these people. Of course not,
they are my friends on Facebook and they have funny stories to tell.

Over the years we learn that the technology of today has left us in the dark and lost in cyber space. We can not find the door to open to see the light. It is like walking into a Star Wars movie for the first time and being introduces to the Dark Side. We have no idea what the Dark Side is but all we know is Internet has the attention of the world these days.

Our children think we need to be more with it as they call it. Setting us up blogging sites and telling us to write what ever we wish and share with the world. They have no time to listen to us any longer and think that blogging is the answer for us.

I have started to fall in love with blogging and a way to express and talk with people. But in doing so the rejection is still there. I feel like I can sit and write for hours but who is reading what I have said. Who cares to understand how important it is to learn how to cook, sew your own clothes, and teach moral to your children. Even through blogging we are being rejected for the simple fact nobody is paying attention to what we have to say. They do not care to even read what we write. If they do read it they can not even leave a comment as to their thoughts. We are discouraged to continue on and are rejected by the cyber space visitors.

What are our fears?

At the age of 50, we knew we were getting old. We feared the time of retirement and what we would do for the rest of our lives. When we were forced to retire we lost contact with part of our social life. People we grew to know and loved still had to work each day. They envied us to have the freedom to sleep in late, not go to work, time to travel, and time to do what we wanted.

Retirement at first was wonderful. It gave us time to read the books we had always wanted to read, Time to travel and go places we had dreamed of for years. But as the years pass and we still grow older we do not have the energy to travel like we use to. We are home more and wanting the company of other.

Fears have now set in as the days and years pass. We are left alone and people thinking it is time that we go and sit in a retirement community to socialize with others our age. We fear if we give in and do this then we have lost all hope of anyone paying attention to use again. We will be left in some old pasture waiting for our time to be finished.

When I first started blogging I was so excited at the new challenge it had to offer. It gave me the feeling I was important again. I had a purpose and meaning to get up each day. I was so excited and dreamed of what I wanted to write and share with my new audience. I could not wait to go to my computer and start writing each day.

Then the fear set in. I saw that my happiness was turning to sorrow. I was not attracting anyone to my site. I could not even give away anything for free. Fear of failure at such an early stage in the game I consulted the Google God. I asked him for his great wisdom to help me find my way. To give me the answers that nobody would or was willing to share with me. I was seeking the knowledge and wisdom of the only person I could trust – Google.

After days and weeks of consulting the Great Google God I was enlightened by some of his great wisdom. He started to point me in directions I had no idea where I was going. Reading and searching and following his advice I was pointed to one site where they spoke so highly of guest blogging. You want to be heard and people to see what you say it is necessary to post your content on another blog site. So here I am today following the advice of the Great Google God. I am trying to be heard on this blog.

Now Fear of Rejection set in

After taking careful consideration to write this article and submit it to unknown people I fear I have made a mistake. I fear that the person who reads this article will laugh at me. I can hear it now. He is saying how anyone at my age can have the wisdom to know what his readers want. What would make me think he would take a chance with me and post this for his readers? The fear of being rejected again by someone I have no idea who he is, settles in.

Other fears of mine are when and if someone decides to post this content the audience this person has will laugh and reject my ideas. They will not even bother to read what I have to say let alone leave a comment to me. I fear that now the rejection I receive each day when I try to understand this new world. When I share some wonderful recipes that I love to cook and nobody even says thank you to me I am hurt and rejected. I feel like giving up and putting all my recipes back into the shoe boxes and storing them on the shelf like my Mother did.

I fear most of how fast time is passing. How each day I want to share my wisdom and knowledge with the world. So when I am gone what I know lives on forever. But in doing so I am feeling the rejection of nobody caring what I have to offer. I fear the rejection of the social media and how to fit in. I am not young and wise to send out tweets and comments to others. I am trying to learn from the Google God what to do so people will even see me. But in my efforts and trying to learn this new world more fear traps me each day.

I have now come to the conclusion that if I allow my fears and rejections to take over I will lose. I will lose the one piece of enjoyment I have found in my life. I will lose the chance to communicate with other. I have come to realize that even if nobody reads my post, comments on my recipes, and encourages me. My content will stay here it will not be deleted or turned to star-dust. It will be here for years to come.

Like so many bloggers who have given up before me. Their blogs sit in the bloggers grave yard unattended lost and not yet forgotten. Why because, Google still sees them, when you ask the Google God a question he still shows you the answer. Some of the answer I found was on blogs that people stopped using. But the advice they wrote is still there for me to read.

I have found a new courage to go on because of the Great Google God. I know that he will not forget who I am when I have passed away. He can still see my blog site, the posts I poured my heart into, and the messages I have left behind for all to read. One day you will find my wonderful recipes, messages, and health remedies. I know that I am not wasting my time, sharing all this with you. Google will make sure that I stay alive and not forgotten no matter how many people come after me.

This was a guest post by Sarah Johnston, a 76-year-old first time blogger who writes about Home Remedies, cooking recipes, cookbooks, food tips and information at Grandma Simpson’s Kitchen in Roby Texas. In trying to understand the new world of blogging, she is keeping an online journal of her discoveries at Blogging @ 76 The Quest.

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