Guest Post by Erin Scribbles.

At different times throughout your workday, you may find yourself coming across this thought: There has to be an easier way. Tasks that are tedious will keep you from accomplishing other things that need your attention while, at the same time, wearing you down.

Well it turns out there is an easier way in the form of mobile apps that are designed to boost your business productivity. Here are some business productivity apps that have you doing more with less.


The mobile version of this Internet faxing service can increase your productivity by saving you the time of having to wait for incoming faxes or trying to organize all of them. Who wants to be chained in the office waiting for a fax to arrive? Instead, with the Metrofax internet faxing app, you can spend valuable time working on something else while you get all incoming faxes sent directly to your phone. Don’t waste time going to the fax machine when the faxes can come directly to you.


If you’re a freelancer, independent contractor or run your own small business, a lot of time and effort is dedicated to just keeping track of all the work you’ve done. Then, there is the process of billing clients for that work. Timewerks streamlines these administrative tasks with tools for easily tracking time and generating invoices. This app will let you concentrate on what you do best: work.


QuickVoice Pro

Trying to write down or type every little thing is a major time waster, not to mention an easy way to get your information wrong. The voice-powered app QuickVoice Pro lets you avoid the pitfalls of text. You can send emails with nothing but the sound of your voice, as well as record brief notes or presentations for future reference.

Print n Share

The Print n Share app gives you a lot productivity benefits with the ability to print with any printers from your smartphone. It works best with WiFi capable printers that you can link to with your smartphone and don’t require the download printer software. A printing app like this lets you print nearly anytime, anywhere.


FlightTrack Pro

If you travel frequently for business, you know how screwed up things can become due to delayed or canceled flights. From delayed and canceled flights to gate changes, this app keeps track of it all for flights around the world. Send flight confirmations to FlightTrack Pro and you’ll have your entire itinerary available on your phone. And if anything unexpected happens to your flight, the app will notify you immediately.


Conducting meetings takes a lot of planning and typically forces you to be in one spot for an undetermined amount of time. By using the Skype app, you can be present at a meeting anywhere. Maybe even while you’re flying during your business trip?

These apps are, what we believe as, necessary tools for maintaining or increasing your business productivity. What apps have you found to be most helpful in boosting your productivity? Do let us know.

This was a guest post by Erin Scribbles spends her time blogging and creating works of art to chronicle her life. She’s newish to social media world and is working on sharing her insanity with the world @erinscribblez.

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