Are you a hardcore gamer? Then, you will either have a crush on 3D or conversely, you may have certain negative perceptions about it. 3D gaming is an area with mixed reviews. A recent report from Guardian says,

“Although 3D televisions seem to be hyped about by the television companies, the users of 3D TVs may be lower than the expected”


Out of 11 million proposed 3D TV users in UK; it’s found that only less than half will actively use this service. This should hold good for any other country as well. Although 3D will soon become a default feature of TVs and PCs, the ‘mixed reviews’ conclusion will still be given by the end users.

Hence, the challenge in future, for sure, lies in the “active” usage of the 3D services by the gadgets. Because, only the active usage will mean the most benefits for all concerned.


If you think what difference 3D is going to make to gaming; then 3D does nothing more than cutting the hairline gap between the game world and the real life, thereby making the game more real and interesting. The mantra in 3D gaming is “Engross yourself”. To achieve this, we must remove the gap between the virtual gaming and the real world; and some top companies like Microsoft, Apple, Sony etc are trying to make a difference in the gaming world.

Sony – Sony has majorly pinned it’s hopes on 3D gaming; however it appears to be equally comfortable with the non-3D world too. In spite of severe criticisms, Sony unveiled its play station monitor for games in 3D like Killzone 3 & Apocalypse. However, if the 3D monitors and TVs are made sans the glasses, then the user level will have a rapid hike in it. Let us hope, Sony is reading this.


Microsoft – Similar to Sony, even Microsoft is taciturn about these 3D chaos and has unleashed its Xbox 360 to include stereoscopic 3D.

Apple – Apple’s iPads and iPhones are now being developed with 3D content for handheld gaming. iPads already make us view 3D movies glasses-free, which is an additional plus; using this concept lot of tablets are already been created and is in market for 3D games without glasses.

3D games should be made creatively, unlike current games like Crysis 2 and few others which have the creative game supplemented with 3D as an add-on service. Most of the times, this becomes too dumb when compared to the 3D films.

Another service which is worth a mention is the Alienware. Dell’s subsidiary’s latest venture 3D gaming Laptop M17X, which is made especially for 3D games, is also catching a lot of eye-balls.


3D Graphics designers too have a lot of challenge, if games & movies are compared. In case of movies the scenes are perfectly pictured and directed to suit the way it pops out of the screen. However in case of gaming, everything is explicit and unexpected. Although certain 3D monitors and laptops claim to be rendering high quality 3D content, the result however leaves a lot of scope of improvement.

All designers of 3D related games and peripherals have a potential to develop better stuff; but they need more creativity to make 3D, as the most desirable feature in the future. Who knows, in ten years from now we may see the current hype PlayStation 3 as maladroit stuff and there may be some other big hype in the 3D world. Change should certainly be the order of the day, with regards to 3D too.

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