Intrigued by the different mobile phone technologies, varied home appliances, and amazing network structures? Well what’s the similarity between all these? Of course, the impressive design. Be it a simple building construction or a complex networking; design is the X-Factor. Your design can make or break your whole project.

With competitive advantage gone in the wind and competitive disadvantage playing a major role, the designing sector of all organizations are scratching their heads to somehow cope up and survive in the competitive market.

Mobiles – Just a decade ago most of the people didn’t know what a mobile is or they weren’t able to afford to buy it. But nowadays, it’s hard to find a person sans mobile phone. Mobiles are no more just a device to make calls; mobiles of these days are designed to do video calls, sms, mms, email, chat, maps and what not? Everything can be done through a mobile. Thanks to the designing department for making life so easy. The design of mobiles hasn’t stopped yet we have iPhones, tablets, smart phones and lots more reaching the market every single day. People literally have obsessive compulsive disorder on mobiles; thus ‘design’ in mobile field is a never ending process.

Smart Cards – People have at last understood that the paper content in the world is void. And hence, the paperless environment has become a craze. Again, adulation to the awesome design team behind the plethora of cards. From credit cards to debit cards; smart cards to Evernote, OCR to voice recognizers and other biometrics; everything is a result of awesome technology. Still people aren’t satisfied, they want more and more to make their lives easier. Who knows in future even beggars may accept only credit cards!

Ad-hoc Networks – Imagine your refrigerator sending you a message to your mobile stating the shortage of milk or vegetables. How will it be? Or maybe your washing machine informing you about the clothes you have put in them? Feeling as if you are in a fantasy world? This fantasy world is not far away, with amazing ad-hoc networking designs you can now achieve this in your future.

Robots – Robots that act totally human are already been designed in many countries. With a bit of more research and studies by scientists you can say bye to your house-maids and all your chores. Robots that could do all type of human works are not an alien thing anymore.

Automated Driving – From aero-planes to choppers; cruises to cars; all have automated driving help currently and even driver less cars are been used in a few countries. The day of driver less transport is not far away.

Not only these, there are lots of more things which are been influenced by ‘Design in Technology’, or in other words, ‘Designing Technology’. When you evaluate the technological improvement in the past one decade, you will be dumbstruck by seeing the vast difference in the technology and its impact on people’s lives. All the credits go to the efficient designing technology.

With current state of affairs and the growth rate in design field, we are likely to experience a tripling effect or even more over the next decade. The tech-enthusiast in me says, It’s worth a wait.

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  1. This article is true n nice , it’s really Design change the world , now through mobile you can do lot more things, now you can access yor all equipment through.

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