Guest Post by Narendra Palasankar.

Mainstream developers and coding geeks are fascinated by the new buzz word “Android App Development”. All though the passion and skills will help one achieve success in any industry, ignorance should is often a lame excuse for failure. Compiled here is the basic information which any developer should know about Android app development before making it as a career choice.


Android is Open Source

The most special thing about Android Mobile OS is that it is an open source Software. This means you can create your own APIs and make applications which has endless possibilities.

Android Application development is done on Java

Java is the most flexible and famous programming platform liked by many developers. All Android applications are developed on Java which would mean that its easy for main stream java developers to shift to Android development.

Different density images for UI design

An important thing to remember in Android Application Development is that an application made for one particular screen of a Smartphone may not look good on an another Android phone. Popular Android phones like Google nexus S, HTC desire HD and Google G1 have their own resolutions and screen sizes. Hence it is important for a Android developer to develop apps and games which fits gracefully on all popular Android screens.

Applications targeted at multiple versions of OS

Not all Smartphones are granted firmware updates immediately after the latest Android OS launch. This may cause delay in updates on the user end. An Android application should be compatible with at least 3 versions of its recent OS. This is to ensure the application runs smoothly even if the user doesn’t upgrade his Android OS.

Private API

APIs increases app development speed as one need not develop already built in funtionality from scratch again. However, using private API’s can cause an application to break when the Android gets updated. This causes failure of application and hence use of private API’s should be minimized.

Bug fixes and frequent updates

Google releases frequent updates to Android OS to fix bugs and introduce new features. This may result in dysfunction of key features of your app and also can cause crash of the app or game during run time. Hence it is important to take time for fixing bugs to make the app compatible with latest OS.

This was a guest post by Narendra Palasankar who is one of the most senior Android App Developers from [x]cube LABS.

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