Some cool folks at thehandheldblog have uncovered the working beta version of Nokia Maps (erstwhile Ovi Maps), powered by HTML5 and optimized for Mobiles. No wonder, the HTML5 powered browsers like Apple’s Safari and Google’s Android browser work great with this initial version of Nokia Maps.


You need to go to on your iPhone or iPad or Android browser to give Nokia maps a try. As a matter of fact, Nokia has not even made the news public, so consider this to be a beta version at its best (if not alpha). Some of the best features of Ovi maps like offline maps, turn-by-turn navigation etc are missing. But whatever features are there, they work and work pretty well too.


I particularly loved the accuracy of the Nokia maps. Though it is browser based, the GPS positioning was very accurate, dare i say, even more accurate than Google maps for the location I am currently in! On iOS devices, pinch to zoom is supported and works great, while on Android, you get to see two small Zoom in/out buttons.

I can’t wait to see Nokia adding many more features into this HTML5 version of the map, specially the Offline Maps and Navigation where they really hold an advantage over Google maps. Before we make any judgement over this latest Nokia offering, we must remember this is just the beta version which can get better or wash out in the days to come by.

If you are wondering how it looks on an Android smartphone, check out this video overview


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