Summer is here. The weather’s hot and we’re all thinking obsessively about one thing: vacation! Whether you prefer a cool, shady mountain resort or a warm, relaxing seaside beach, chances are you are either in the process of planning your summer escape, or have finished planning and are currently eagerly awaiting the departure.

A long, relaxing stay somewhere far from everything that’s been stressing you all year. But while you will definitely keep away from any work-related issues and stressful acquaintances, one question comes to mind: can you keep away from technology? Or better yet: do you want to keep away from it?


Can we really separate ourselves from all the hardware and software that we use every day? Some would say that it’s for the best.

Most of us leave the task of waking us up for the day to our trusty mobile phone. Which we then use for different tasks throughout the day. The mobile phone is not only able to be used for phone calls and messages anymore. We’ve got the media player, camera, internet connection, calendar, document viewer, GPS navigator, games and so on; the list is only as long as the capabilities of the phone, which lately seem to be endless. And the convenience it offers to boot has made us borderline addicted to it and its many uses.

Apart from the mobile phone, there’s of course the ever present computer. We’ve got a home computer, work computer, maybe even a portable tablet which makes up for the lack of a classic one when we’re out and about.

Then there’s mp3 players, digital cameras, faxes, scanners, printers and the list can go on. And somehow, all of these have gotten fused to our lives in such a way that if one is taken out, we feel crippled. But are we really?

A few years back no one knew what a tablet was. Or at least not in the sense that we know it nowadays. Some twenty years ago, the mobile phone had just seen the light of day and was as big and heavy as a brick. Go back even more and we’re left without computers.

And, believe or not, there actually was a time when there was no technology whatsoever. And people still got around, seeing about their daily routine. No one can deny that, in order to be efficient nowadays, not only at our jobs, but also in day-to-day life, we need some technology. But do we really need to be efficient during the summer holiday? Can’t we just leave anything battery-powered behind at least for a few days and really disconnect?

I think we can. More than that, I think we must try. So for this summer, when I leave on vacation, I for one will not be taking anything that has a display or buttons. Maybe just a camera, but that’s another story. How about you?

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