We all know that a new iPhone 5 might be coming out in autumn. We also know that Apple may be gearing up to update the iPad.

Everyone’s been talking and arguing over the upcoming new models, their features, design, prices etc. No one knows for sure, though. Apple has left us waiting and is yet to come out with an official announcement regarding either of these two products. The rumors over the iPhone 5 launch just don’t seem to stop!

Now, however, some voices have arisen and started spreading rumors regarding the third brother in the Apple mobile family, the little iPod. And it’s not good news, as apparently the music player is on its way to the recycle bin. The same voices go further to say that this is an insider’s job and that the ones to blame for the decline of the iPod are Apple themselves. On the below graph we can see that iPod sales have started to decline even since early 2009.



Some 10 years ago, Apple launched the first generation of this highly sought after media player. At the time, it became an instant hit and saw skyrocketing success and sales. In time, the iPod grew, both in size and in features. A few generations later, it saw some really good times. At its peak, the iPod sold some 22.7 million units in the end of 2008 alone.

But then, things started to sour. Sales dropped and continue to do so, as more and more customers start to look to other devices to replace the reliable iPod. Or maybe because the iPhone was already doing all the tasks that iPod did. From the huge numbers in 2008, sales spiraled down to an estimated 8.39 million units in the third quarter of 2011.

To some extent, one could blame Apple for causing its own product’s demise. Slowly but surely, the company integrated all the features of the iPod into his bigger brothers, the iPhone and the iPad. Consequently, that turned clients away from the iPod, as they of course preferred to have a complete device, which does play media files but is also capable of so much more.

Apple will of course not want to sustain a continuous drop in the sales of the iPod and will choose to retire it, some analysts say.

Come September and the Apple annual conference, will we see both the launch of new models and the retiring of old and obsolete ones? Although, a few extra sales is always better than no sales. And if the iPod will eventually die, if not now, then in some years, will this be the fate of all music players, as the smartphones keep getting more versatile?

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